If you’re familiar with the comic book, The Flash or its live-action TV version of the character, you know there are many speedsters that are different versions of The Flash. Eventually, all the speedsters unite to form Team Flash to fight crime. In 2023, it appears that Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier and head coach Mike McDaniel have put together their own Team Flash of speedsters.

When the call was made to Devon Achane that the Dolphins drafted him, McDaniel asked him, “You’re still fast, right?” Not only was Achane the fastest player in the draft with a 4.32 40 time, but Elijah Higgins was tied for the fastest tight end in the draft at 4.54.

The Dolphins already have the fastest wide receiver duo in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. They also have the fastest NFL running back, Raheem Mostert. The Dolphins will have more speed at the wide receiver position in 2023. Chosen Anderson and Braxton Berrios, two speeder receivers, joined the Dolphins in free agency.

CBS Sports: Highlights of Dolphins Draft Pick Devon Achane

But how will the speed translate on the field during the regular season? It appears the Dolphins hope for a Super Bowl. As a run game coordinator in 2019, McDaniel had Mostert, Matt Brieda, and Tevin Coleman, who all were the fastest running backs in the NFL. Additionally, the 49ers tight end George Kittle is faster than Travis Kelce. That season, the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl.

But what McDaniel has now that he didn’t have before is as many speedy wide receivers as he has. Not only does he have speedsters as running backs, but he has several in the receiving corps. Realistically, the 2023 Dolphins could very well be one of the fastest teams in NFL history. If the ball carriers can get past other teams’ defenses, then it should be lights out. And that could mean the Dolphins may be zooming all the way to the Super Bowl this season.