Over the past two off-seasons, it seems like the Miami Dolphins have been building a Madden Ultimate Team roster. For those unfamiliar with the Madden video game, in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), you can build a team with all the best players from past to present to create a formidable roster. With acquisitions of players like Tyreek Hill, Terron Armstead, Jalen Ramsey, Raheem Mostert, David Long, and many more, it seems like the Dolphins are finding talent at every position. In a world where salary cap limits teams to how much they can spend on players, it’s crazy to see a roster with this much top-loaded talent. 


Our roster seems strong at almost every level, and no position is particularly lacking in talent. We have Pro bowlers and All-Pros on both sides of the ball and young emerging talents just waiting for their chance to be recognized. It seems like the Dolphins have truly adopted an “all in” mentality; some will say that’s not what is happening, but the NFL is often referred to as the “not for long” league, and it’s very difficult to retain as much talent as we have for a long period of time. The Super Bowl window seems very open, so I guess the question is, should we do more? 


On June 1st (tomorrow at the time of this writing), the Dolphins will receive just over $13M in cap space after the release of Byron Jones becomes official. I don’t see Chris Grier staying complacent with the roster as it currently stands. Rumors have swirled and have been ramping up once again that the Minnesota Vikings will release running back Dalvin Cook tomorrow and that the Dolphins are front runners to land him. The typical fan might ask why since we currently have a full running back room with Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson Jr, Salvon Ahmed, Myles Gaskin, and rookie Devon Achane, however when a running back as skilled as Cook hits the market, you don’t just say “we have enough.” I believe that Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel already have a plan in place for tomorrow’s resurgence of free agency, and I don’t expect it to be a quiet rest of the week. 

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Another pro bowl player, DeAndre Hopkins, recently hit the market after the Arizona Cardinals released the wide receiver. With Tyreek Hilk, Jaylen Waddle, Cedrick Wilson, as well as new additions Braxton Berrios and Chosen Anderson, it’s tough to find a reason even to entertain the idea of adding Hopkins. However, going back to MUT, you should always look to improve your team and have highly-ranked players across the board. Even in fantasy football, why stop at two top wide receivers? Acquire as many as you can as long as your roster doesn’t take a hit at other positions. 


This all goes back to the “all in” narrative; if the Miami Dolphins truly believe they have enough to win a Super Bowl this year, why not add more talent and make sure that the Lombardi trophy is attainable? Sure, we may be selling our souls, so to speak, but as fans, I think we can all agree that seeing the Dolphins hoist that trophy in February will make every move they’ve made worth it.