Twitter is a great space to keep you updated on everything from real-world news to the sports and entertainment industry. If you’re one of those who keep sports fans updated on all the latest news, you can increase your Twitter followers with the help of an organic tool and grow your audience.

However, if you’re one of those who like to stay up-to-date with your favorite American football team, Miami Dolphins, you would certainly like to follow some Twitter accounts. These Twitter accounts will make sure you’re updated on everything that you need to know as an enthusiast. Let’s look at these Twitter accounts in this article that you should follow.

Dolphins Beat Writers

1.    Hal Habib – @gunnerhal

Hal Habib is a sports writer with over 9.6k followers and covers everything related to the Dolphins. He has been a journalist for more than 40 years, so you can’t go wrong with this account.

You will also find him constantly retweeting content from some of the official Dolphins accounts that may be useful to the fans. His own tweets are a mix of humorous and informative content.

2.    Gregcote – @gregcote

Greg Cote is a sports columnist for an American daily newspaper, Miami Herald. He even is a host of The Greg Cote Show podcast and has more than 99k followers on Twitter. You can expect informative tweets from him several times a day.

3.    Omar Kelly – @OmarKelly

With over 89.5k Twitter followers, Omar Kelly is a writer, journalist, columnist, and sports reporter at the daily newspaper Sun-Sentinel.

He has been Miami Dolphins beat writer for Sun-Sentinel since 1999. He is consistent with tweeting and retweeting everything related to the Dolphins.

4.    Chris Perkins – @chrisperk

Chris Perkins has more than 38.9k followers on his Twitter page. He’s a Miami Dolphins columnist for Sun-Sentinel.

In addition to sharing the latest links to the articles on Miami Dolphins, you can expect professional insights from him by regularly replying to tweets.

5.    SunSentinel Dolphins – @SSMiamiDolphins

Sun-Sentinel Dolphins reporters created their Twitter account in 2009 and have earned over 21.3k followers. This page regularly keeps tweeting and retweeting all the exclusive Dolphins content and news.

Dolphins Players

1.    Tua. T – @Tua

The popular American football quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, Tua, has more than 437.3k followers on his Twitter account. From promotional posts to sharing his thoughts on the game, you can follow him for updates and entertainment.

2.    Ty Hill – @cheetah

This American football wide receiver has a massive following on his Twitter page, with over 871.9k followers. If he’s one of your favorite players, you should follow him for the latest updates and personal full-of-humor tweets.

3.    De’Von Achane – @ffvmousvon_

This American football running back player may not have a massive following on Twitter, but his tweets are relatable, funny, and informative. You can even expect a retweet from him if you’re a fan!


Following the Miami Dolphins Twitter accounts that we have shared in this article will not only help you stay relevant and up to date but also know the thoughts of professionals and enjoy funny memes from some of the players.