Late in the evening today, May 22nd, reports emerged that former Patriots and Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has agreed to purchase a minority share in the Las Vegas Raiders. The deal, of which no specifics have yet been reported, would be pending league approval. Rumors regarding a possible deal had been circulating for a short while now, similar to the reports of how the seven-time Super Bowl champion had been looking into joining the Dolphins ownership group as a minority owner last year. If this deal is approved, it would finally put to bed the constant gossip about Brady coming out of retirement, at least to join the Dolphins.

Since the possibility of Tom Brady leaving New England for another team began to surface, there has been buzz about him heading down to Miami. Those same rumors persisted after he suited up for the Buccaneers, despite Tua Tagovailoa’s breakout season last year and even after his announcing his retirement again this offseason. The Dolphins seemed destined to have the Brady buzz continue forever until now.

While Tom Brady would have been nice to call upon in an emergency if a major injury cut short Tua’s 2024 campaign, it will be a good thing to finally end this constant speculation. With Brady now indisputably out of the picture for the Dolphins, the focus for 2024 can be solely on Tua instead of Tom, who now joins the likes of Peyton Manning and Drew Brees as big-name quarterbacks who at one point were heavily rumored to be going to the Dolphins but never ended up doing so.

The Miami Dolphins will host the Las Vegas Raiders during Week 11 this year. Assuming this deal is finalized, seeing how the national media comments on the Brady to Miami story that never was will be interesting.