The Dolphins kicked off their Organized Team Activities (OTAs) amid an exciting time to be a South Florida sports fan. Football season is still a way away, but we can discuss how Dolphins players and our spunky head coach have been involved in the historic runs of the Miami Heat and the Florida Panthers.

Let’s start by diving into the first two days of OTAs and what has stood out. Tua is back and looking like he’s put on some healthy muscle weight, and he’s been rocking a new helmet. The new helmet was designed to help limit concussions, and I think it makes perfect sense for Tua to use it and give it a try; after all, our team needs a healthy Tua for the season. Speaking of muscle, looks like Jaylen Waddle has been bulking up as well; I guess when you have a teammate like Tyreek Hill, there’s a desire to match the physique. Waddle also told reporters, “When I run somebody over this season, you’ll see,” and honestly, who would be excited to see that?

Other notes include Devon Achane turning heads, his speed being real, and he’s making big plays when called upon. Andrew Van Ginkel has been working with the inside linebackers, so it seems Vic Fangio is already starting to learn his players and how he wants to use them. OTAs are all about getting back to football, and a lot of hype comes out of the reports, but it’s nice to hear how the team is looking, and fun to watch our new acquisitions work their way into the culture.

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Speaking of culture, in case you aren’t aware, the Miami Heat are just one win away from their second NBA finals berth in four years. I mention this because the Heat has been getting some crucial support from your Dolphins players and Head Coach Mike McDaniel. McDaniel has been to every home game, and he’s even found his way to center court to get the crowd excited before and during the games. Game 3 had Christian Wilkins and Jalen Ramsey courtside as well, and Ramsey even asked coach Erik Spoelstra if he could enter the game. The Heat are even undefeated when Ramsey is at the game.

Next up, we have the Florida Panthers, who are also one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals. Raheem Mostert is a huge Panthers fan and was even invited to bang the drum to start the “Let’s Go Panthers” chants. McDaniel also appeared at one of the games and even mentioned both clubs in one of his pressers after a practice. You could almost tell that McDaniel wants the same for the Dolphins and their fans since it’s been such a long time without a trip to the Super Bowl. I can only imagine what our city would be like if we pulled off the triple threat of championship trophies. It’s an exciting time all around, and we will all have our eyes and ears glued to any news coming out of OTAs just to get a little dopamine flowing during the off-season. There’s honestly only one way to sum up the month of May, and I’ll quote our emphatic Head Coach:

“Check your pulse if you’re not fired up.”