What is the hold-up in giving Christian Wilkins a long-term contract?

No, I am legitimately asking what the hold-up is.

Because for the life of me, I don’t understand why this wasn’t the first move Miami made after the 2022 season ended.

And now, as we are in early May, nothing has been done?

I know with my luck, 20 minutes after I publish this article, the news will drop that Miami and Wilkins have agreed to a long-term contract.

But seriously, I don’t understand why it hasn’t happened yet, and I am starting to think Miami is playing a dangerous game of chicken and will let Wilkins play out the final year of his deal this upcoming season.

If so, they will “spin” it that Miami still controls him with the franchise tag, and there is no rush at this time to get anything done. Yes, they will say that, and some in the fan base will eat it up, parrot their comments, and actually believe it.

On planet Earth, with the rest of the sane people, we will be saying, why would you risk this and not lock up one of your team leaders and cornerstone players for years to come?

He has earned it. Every last cent he is due.

This guy has been a rock for the Dolphins since joining Miami in 2019.

First off, by giving him a long-term deal, you are lowering his salary cap number for this season and opening up more cap space to play with now. This, in turn, can maybe help you sign an offensive lineman to protect your quarterback, who has a knack for missing games, and getting concussions. Even if you didn’t use the money on a lineman, it just makes sense to have more cap space now from a financial standpoint.

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Put all of that aside, let’s look at the other matter at hand with Miami dragging its feet on this issue. Have you been paying attention to what other players at the same position Wilkins plays have been getting paid the past few months?

The money has been insane, and every time another player signs, it just means Miami will need to pay Wilkins more.

Instead of Miami being first and setting the market with Wilkins, to where other players have to work to get more money than Wilkins. Now, Miami will go last and have to pay Wilkins more.

What? Huh? What are Chris Grier and the Dolphins thinking?

The Washington Commanders gave Daron Payne 4 years, $90 mill, $60 mill guaranteed. The 49ers gave Javon Hargrave 4 years, $84 million, $40 mill guaranteed. The Falcons gave David Onyemata 3 years, $35 million, and $24,5 mill guaranteed.

You can make a case Wilkins is a better player than all three and more important to his team than all three.

Yet, Miami hasn’t been able to get anything done? And the longer this goes, the more painful it will be for the Dolphins.

Chris Grier has been asked this offseason about locking up Wilkins long-term; his answer is uninspiring on all levels. Grier said, “He loves our organization. We love him. We’d like to have him here for a long time. In terms of conversations with agents, you know, you don’t really talk publicly about it. But we would like to have him here longer.”

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Lock him up.

Now, I know there is a flip side to this; the agent for Wilkins may be the hold-up and he may be holding Grier and the Dolphins organization hostage. I can see why, as this will be the one time Wilkins can break the bank and cash in for life-changing money. Generational wealth, some would say.

But again, why did Miami let it get this far?

With every passing day, it is only going to be more painful for the Dolphins.

We know this roster isn’t built for a long-term run; it is a two-year window before some difficult decisions have to be made and some “fan favorites” and “popular” players who contribute in significant roles will be leaving. But Wilkins should not be one of those people.

When you draft a guy 13th overall and develop him into a superstar, you must keep him around longer than five years and not lose him after his rookie contract.

Do I think when all is said and done, Miami will keep Wilkins and eventually sign him to a long-term deal? YES. Am I as confident in that today as I was in March? NO. May this drag out till late August? I think so. Could this be Wilkins’s final season in Miami….GOD, I HOPE NOT!