NFL Running Back Dalvin Cook was released by his former team, the Minnesota Vikings, on June 9th.  In doing so, Cook is now able to sign with any team he wants.  The Miami Dolphins have long been rumored to be interested in Cook and seen as the front runners to sign him.  There is no doubt that there is mutual interest between Cook and Miami, but the price would need to be right for both sides to come to an agreement.  Up to this point, Chris Grier has not shown any interest in spending big on the Running Back position.

The question is not should they or shouldn’t they sign Dalvin Cook; the question is do they need Dalvin Cook?  The answer, I believe, is yes.  A quick glance at Cook’s numbers will tell you why.  Last season, he carried the ball 264 times for 1,173 yards which averages 4.4 yards per carry.  He caught 39 passes for 295 yards, an average of 7.6 yards per catch.  In total, he scored ten touchdowns last season.  For years, Dalvin Cook has made game-breaking, explosive plays such as this one…

Miami has not had a Running Back the caliber of Dalvin Cook since Ricky Williams (yikes).  Raheem Mostert is fine.  Jeff Wilson is fine.  Devon Achane is a rookie and should not be depended on in year 1 to have a major role.  Cook is a difference-maker on offense.  He is a guy you can turn and hand the ball to 15-20 times a game.

The best way to take pressure off of a Quarterback is to give them a consistent, effective run game.  Last year, Miami did not have that.  A combination of coaching, offensive line play, and, at times, subpar Running Back play were all to blame for the running game coming up just short last season.  I believe the best way to fix this is to add a dynamic Running Back like Dalvin Cook.  It is being reported that the market to sign him is around $6 million per year.  If we can remember, Miami signed Running Back Chase Edmonds to a 2-year/$12 million deal.  Dalvin Cook is worth every penny of that and then some.

On paper, Miami has a top 5 roster in the NFL and a playoff team that could contend for the AFC East crown.  Adding Cook pushes them from an AFC East hopeful to a Super Bowl contender.  I’m ready to go all in for Dalvin Cook.  Is Miami?