True football fans know that there’s nothing like the thrill of watching the big game and seeing your team score, but one of the best feelings has to be the change in atmosphere as the crowd starts chanting their team’s fight song.

We know that some songs can be more popular than others, so the question is which NFL teams have the most viral chants? Betway decided to find this out by analyzing social media data which successfully identified the fanbases that have the catchiest NFL chants.

The results show…

Miami Dolphins chant has captured the hearts of many ranking 9th. Out of their 354,274 tweets analyzed, the #FinsUp boasts a respectable 23.8% positive sentiment.

These are the top 10 most viral NFL chants:

Team Slogan Tweets Positive Sentiment Score
Los Angeles Chargers #BoltUp 136211 33.1%
Green Bay Packers #GoPackGo 634639 32.7%
Buffalo Bills #BillsMafia 1197451 31.5%
Carolina Panthers #KeepPounding 152238 28.7%
Detroit Lions #OnePride 306588 27.9%
Los Angeles Rams #RamsHouse 243304 27.2%
Denver Broncos #BroncosCountry 203435 27.0%
Dallas Cowboys #DallasCowboys 1708909 24.1%
Miami Dolphins #FinsUp 354274 23.8%
NY Giants #TogetherBlue 137626 23.7%

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