It’s early in the season for the Miami Dolphins but fans and analysts alike are constantly speculating about what players will remain on their favorite team and what players are on their way out. There’s also constant buzz about what players should be prioritized to sign extensions (cough cough Christian Wilkins). Well, we’re only headed into Week 2 so we have a long way to go before the next off-season.

But, I myself have had suspicions about the possible personnel changes on this Dolphins football team next year. I created a list of players that I think is time to move on from in 2024, based on who I feel is replaceable or haven’t lived up to their contracts. I also compiled a list of players that need to prove themselves this season and a list of players that should be prioritized to extend or resign next offseason which I’ll cover in another article. Some of the names on this list may surprise you, others may not. Well, here it is:

  • Jerome Baker, Linebacker: Baker has been a solid linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, he’s averaged 102 tackles a season in his 5 seasons with the team. He’s consistent but he lacks impact. A lot of Baker’s tackles come beyond the line of scrimmage. He’s not a linebacker who sniffs out a play before it happens. Baker has relied on his speed and athleticism, but Jerome Baker lacks the power to shed blocks and he’s not much of a “thumper” or an intimidating presence in the middle of the field. Jerome does everything “okay” but not spectacular. I’m not sure if he’s the ideal linebacker for Vic Fangio’s system either. I think this year will be Jerome’s last year as a Miami Dolphin. The Dolphins will either target a LB in the draft, free agency, or groom someone like Channing Tindall to take his place.


  • Jason Sanders, Kicker: Jason Sanders was once a cold-blooded kicker. I’m afraid he’s just a shell of what he used to be now. I expected Miami to bring another Kicker in to compete with Sanders or replace him. They chose to stick with him, which I respect, because it gives the kicker confidence to do this job without looking over his shoulder. But Sanders hasn’t done his job recently, at least not adequately. Sanders missed some key extra point field goals last season that put Miami in some rough positions. He had a fresh start this season and in Miami’s first game against the LA Chargers he continued the same trend. What should’ve been a 37-34 win over the Chargers turned into a 36-34 win that put the defense in a do or die position at the end of the game. Luckily the defense stepped up but Sander’s missed FG almost made the offense’s clutch TD in the last 2 minutes void. Sanders misfortunes can change throughout this season but I think it’s time to move on.

  • Raekwon Davis, Defensive Tackle: Davis has often disappeared in this defense, which is hard to do for a 6’7 315 pound Nose Tackle. It’s not that he’s not a good player but he’s not your traditional nose tackle and he’s one of the players I believe is replaceable. His role on this defense isn’t as flashy so it’s not likely he gets a large production of sacks or tackles, he’s there to fill gaps. I think Miami may want to go after a wider, more stout tackle who can fill the role and holes. Moving on from Davis may be more about finding a better fit for the scheme than him not being a serviceable player.


  • Liam Eichenberg, Guard: I’m not sure I have to explain this but out of respect I will. Much like Noah Igbinoghene (who was traded not too long ago) Eichenberg, has the physical tools to be good at his position but just hasn’t put it together. For Liam, injuries have stopped any momentum he’s had. He seemed to be taking a step forward when McDaniel took the reigns as Head Coach but would take five steps back. Eichenberg may become a victim of there just not being any room left for him after the arrival of former Patriot, Isaiah Wynn who is now the starting Left Guard. Liam has been tried at different positions on the Offensive Line, even at Center, which I think could be his only chance to earn a starting job on this team or earn a spot on the 53 in general. I’m not sure if Miami will keep him around for depth but if not it may benefit him to have a change of scenery.


  • Xavien Howard, Cornerback: This may be a polarizing take but I feel the strongest about this one. Xavien Howard may not be the ballhawk he used to be. He’s stated that this season he’s hell bent on proving that he is still an elite cornerback. Maybe he is, but I don’t know if he’s worth the money he’s being paid. The simple fact is Kader Kohou has been the best corner on this team since last year. I also think that Chris Grier drafted Howard’s replacement in 2nd round pick, Cam Smith. Xavien Howard may be dealt next year, while he still has value left. It may seem improbable with the acquisition of Jalen Ramsey and the opportunity to pair the two Pro-Bowlers for multiple years. But, Ramsey would be a great mentor to Kohou and Smith, not to mention that the trio would make sense. Smith, Kohou, & Ramsey are all physical corners, who are also great tacklers, something that is highly valued in a Fangio defense. The exit of Howard may not hurt the secondary the way many fans would think, it may even make it better with the maturation of Kohou & Cam Smith. Additionally, the Miami Dolphins are possibly headed into cap space turmoil, so Howard’s contract may be one of the contracts they want to offload next year.


  • Emmanuel Ogbah, Defensive End: I wouldn’t be surprised if Ogbah is dealt before the end of this season. Ogbah was overpaid and after the addition of Bradley Chubb, and the rise of Jaelen Phillips, him being on this team doesn’t make much sense. He and Cedrick Wilson Jr. are in the same boat (which I’ll get to him soon). He’s being paid too much to be a backup and his fit on this team has become awkward in Fangio’s defense. It’s only a matter of time that Miami finds a way to part ways with Ogbah. He still has plenty left in the tank and a change of scenery should do wonders for him.

  • Connor Williams, Center: The reason I feel Connor Williams may no longer be a Miami Dolphin next year, isn’t just because of his botched snaps but because I don’t believe him and Miami will be able to come to an agreement. I understand why Williams wants an extension and was willing to holdout. He’s a Top-10 Center in this league, and his switch from Left Guard to Center and has been impressive. His pre-snap issues are still a problem and could be a reason Miami isn’t willing to give him the contract extension he’s asking for. Miami may look to turn another Left Guard into a Center at a lower cost or groom someone like Alama Uluave into their next starting Center.


  • Cedrick Wilson Jr., Wide Receiver: As I stated before, Wilson Jr.’s positon is much like Emmanuel Ogbah’s. Just like the addition of Bradley Chubb made Ogbah’s positon on this team unfavorable, the same can be said regarding Cedrick Wilson Jr. with the addition of Tyreek Hill. Not to mention that the Wide Receiver room has become crowded with Braxton Berrios, River Cracraft, & Erik Ezukanma’s presence. Wilson Jr. is consistently the odd man out. I’m sure It’s because of Wilson Jr.’s contract, just like Ogbah, that Miami hasn’t moved on. But after Wilson’s contract was restructured it may be more of a possibility that he’s no longer a Miami Dolphin in 2024 and they finally move on from him. I’m sure he’ll be a serviceable receiver wherever he lands next.
  • Jeff Wilson Jr., Running Back: Now on to the other Wilson Jr…Out of all the backs on the Miami Dolphins roster, Jeff Wilson Jr. makes the least amount of sense to bring back next year. He’s another player that I wouldn’t be surprised gets dealt before the season is over with possibly in exchange for a premier back that will not be named. Regardless of whether that trade happens or not, Raheem Mostert has emerged as the the leader Running back room. Along with him there’s Salvon Ahmed, 3rd rounder Devon Achane, & UDFA Chris Brooks. There may not be any room for Jeff Wilson Jr. All four backs present a different skill set that’s valuable to this team. What Jeff Wilson Jr. can do, can also be done by Mostert or even Chris Brooks. Wilson Jr. also has had his trouble with injuries, keeping him on the team only takes reps away from young players like Achane and Brooks who are need of the on-field experience.


Which names on the list caught you off guard? Which players did you expect to make this list?