Miami Dolphins superstar cornerback Xavien Howard has had an eventful offseason, to say the least. He is currently involved in a lawsuit with a female who accuses him of making secret sex videos and sharing the videos without her consent. And the female then got into his community and smashed up his Bentley with a baseball bat. Howard’s lawyer, Brad Sohn, said his client is innocent, and the lawsuit will be dismissed. Sohn said, “After Mr. Howard declined to pay an anonymous accuser presumably millions of dollars, his accuser has brought infirm and unsalvageable legal claims, which should be dismissed with prejudice,” the filing said.”

Now, Sunday evening, new allegations are out from another female that says Howard allegedly has four females pregnant at the same time. Per, “NFL player Xavien Howard finds himself embroiled in a complex situation. Rumors circulating the net indicate that his former girlfriend is alleging that the NFL player is currently expecting children with four different women.

This woman, known as Tai from Miami, asserts that she is carrying the NFL player’s child and claims that she has been subjected to harassment by him. In response, Tai took to Instagram to publicly address the situation.”


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Tia is an OnlyFans model and she says she was with Howard a few times.

Per Tia, “I became pregnant after being with Xavien a few times. He expressed his desire to have a child with me, and despite my initial decision to take a Plan B, it evidently failed because I was in my ovulation cycle.”

“Initially, he was upset, but we met at his home in the first week of September. When he inquired about how much financial support he should provide during my pregnancy, and I responded, he became irritable and ceased all communication with me,” she continued.

“He attempted to offer me compensation to terminate my pregnancy, and based on the screenshot he shared with his other baby mother, it seems he desires her to do the same. He is frustrated that he can’t simply resolve this with money.”

The TMSPN report said that the NFL player has a peculiar inclination for impregnating women, stating, “Let’s address this matter because it’s evident that this man has a penchant for fathering children. And now, I have his other baby mothers reaching out to me.”

In December of 2019, Howard was arrested for domestic battery. Howard and his lawyer have yet to comment on these recent allegations.