Sunday was a crazy day any way you slice it. The Dolphins, for the first time in franchise history, put up a 70 burger on the Donkeys. Alex and Scott don’t usually mock opponents, but the Donks clearly quit and deserve a little derision. Payton too. Amidst all the scoring, and some delicious turnovers, there’s a lot to talk about.  Fans can feel on top of the world, because right now, the Dolphins are. The two old gurus celebrate with you for most of this episode, but aren’t blind to a couple of glaring mistakes that could haunt this team when we face a real opponent, like next week in Buffalo. Be happy. Enjoy! This has never happened before and McDaniel is undeniably an offensive genius – but still flawed. Should we have gone for the scoring record? Will injuries haunt us in Buffalo? Listen in.