In Tua Tagovailoa’s relatively brief NFL career, he’s faced more criticism than any other quarterback in the league. The heightened expectations that accompanied his selection as a high draft pick in 2020 and the significant investments the Miami Dolphins have made in building a team around him have made him a lightning rod for scrutiny from fans and league analysts alike. The primary points of contention center around his arm strength and durability, aspects of his game that, in some respects, still leave questions unanswered. While Tua has shown the ability to consistently connect with his top targets, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, for big plays, there remains a nagging issue of underthrowing his receivers, which has been evident in the first two games of the 2023 season, resulting in interceptions. However, it’s important to remember that no quarterback is without flaws, and Tua can continue to fine-tune this aspect of his game as the season progresses.

On another front, Tua’s health remains a concern, keeping the entire fan base on edge. Nevertheless, offensive line coach Butch Barry and head coach Mike McDaniel have crafted an offensive playbook that revolves around getting rid of the ball quickly and protecting Tua.

Every week presents a fresh challenge for Tua. In week one, he squared off against Justin Herbert and the Chargers, a so-called rivalry that’s been primarily fueled by media hype. Despite the added pressure of the season opener, Tua delivered an exceptional performance, partially dispelling doubts about whether he deserved his lofty 5th overall pick status. While some may argue that Herbert has superior physical attributes, Tua has consistently showcased an elite ability to process information and dismantle opposing defenses.

In Week 2, Tua faced Bill Belichick for the fifth time in his career on Sunday night. With the nation’s eyes fixed on the game, Tua reaffirmed his dominance over the New England Patriots, securing his fifth consecutive victory against Belichick when starting against his teams. After numerous doubts about whether he could sustain this trend, Tua put on a remarkable show with a masterful performance. Given that Belichick and the Patriots seemed utterly stumped when dealing with Tua, it’s exciting to think about the Dolphins’ continued dominance over the Patriots in the future. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that people will persist in underrating both this team and its quarterback.

As we approach week 3’s game against the struggling Denver Broncos, Tua faces yet another challenge. After securing two road wins, he must guard against overconfidence. In the NFL, any team can defy expectations and achieve an upset. The Dolphins must maintain their sense of urgency and dig deep to secure a victory. With uncertainty surrounding Jaylen Waddle’s availability for Sunday’s game, the league will be watching to see if Tua can secure a win without Waddle’s speed on the perimeter to balance the defensive focus on Tyreek Hill. A victory against the Broncos would put the Dolphins in an impressive position as they prepare to face the Buffalo Bills in week 4.

No matter how often Tua demonstrates his elite NFL quarterbacking skills, the league and fans will continue to demand that he prove himself repeatedly. It seems that Tua will need to showcase his abilities indefinitely or secure a Super Bowl victory to silence the doubters. Until then, we’ll all witness the ongoing journey of what’s undoubtedly destined to become a great underdog Hall of Fame career.