Why Tua Tagovailoa Isn’t the Lone Star

In the swift and competitive world of the NFL, the Miami Dolphins are making a significant mark as a dominant football team. What is truly worth noting here? Is it their star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa? It cannot be denied that Tua and his speedy group of wide receivers are grabbing headlines. However, there is a less recognized group of heroes quietly working behind the scenes, and they are the team’s offensive linemen. These unsung linemen might be the true driving force behind the team’s success. Let us give a thought.

Let us imagine a scene. Tua Tagovailoa, the football genius who once guided the University of Alabama to historic heights, standing tall behind an unyielding wall of offensive linemen. Let us rewind to his college days, where he had the privilege of throwing to talents like DeVonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, and Najee Harris – a treasure trove of offensive weaponry any quarterback would envy. You might think that such extraordinary receiving talent would be a dream come true for a quarterback.

However, the reality is different and more complex. While elite receivers undoubtedly make a quarterback’s job easier, a steadfast offensive line is an even more fundamental factor at play. When Tua commenced on his NFL journey with the Dolphins, the wall of protection around him was far from formidable. In fact, Pro Football Focus didn’t mince words when they declared it the worst offensive line in the league in 2021.

Despite their challenging obstacles, the Dolphins managed to surpass expectations, wrapping up the season with a solid 9-8 record. Their offense faced numerous hurdles, including the abrupt exit of their head coach amid a contentious discrimination lawsuit. However, they pressed forward undeterred.

Fast forward to the current season. The offense of the Dolphins blazed like a wildfire after the acquisition of Tyreek Hill, a blazing-fast wide receiver, to their already talented group. The result? A coveted playoff spot, a feat that had eluded them since 2016, though their playoff journey ended prematurely in the first round, mainly due to injury woes that forced them to field Skylar Thompson, their third-string quarterback.

So, what has sparked this transformation in the Dolphins’ fortunes this season? The answer is as clear as day – the resurgence of their offensive line. Their resounding victory over the Denver Broncos, a staggering 70-20 triumph, speaks volumes. Even in the absence of Jaylen Waddle, they seized control of the game.

Tyreek Hill displayed his brilliance, and running backs Raheem Mostert and De’Von Achane put on a breathtaking show. Yet, the crowning achievement was affording Tua Tagovailoa the gift of time. Remarkably, he faced pressure only thrice during the game and has been sacked once throughout the season.

The return of Terron Armstead, their missing left tackle, added to the celebrations. The Dolphins reached an extraordinary milestone – allowing just one sack in the initial three games, a feat not witnessed since 1989.

The Dolphins stand tall at an impressive 3-0, securing victories and outclassing their opponents in style. However, the essence of their success is not solely speed and Tua’s surgical precision. It is the rock-solid defense provided by their offensive line that ensures that Tua remains upright, thereby affording him the time he needs to conjure his magic.


The Dolphins are doing well because of their offensive linemen, even though they don’t get much attention. While everyone talks about the star players like Tua Tagovailoa and fast receivers, the linemen do the important job of protecting Tua. This protection helps him perform better. So, it is not just about speed but also about having a strong offensive line. The Dolphins are proving that in the NFL.