The Miami Dolphins have traded for WR Chase Claypool of the Chicago Bears. With River Cracraft and Erik Ezukanma both on IR, the Dolphins’ depth at the position is thin. There is no immediate time frame for when Cracraft or Ezukanma will return.

Claypool has been disgruntled in Chicago since being traded there. He has 13 career touchdowns, on 171 career receptions, and 2,235 receiving yards. He just turned 25 years old and was a 2nd round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2020.

In his time in Chicago, Claypool only had 191 receiving yards and 18 receptions in 10 games. He had been recently told to stay away from the team facility as the team was looking to trade him. The Dolphins didn’t lose a pick in the trade; they only had a late-round pick swap. Less than a year ago Claypool was traded from Pittsburgh to Chicago for a 2nd round pick (which ended up being the 32nd pick, and since Miami lost a pick for tampering ended up technically being like a first-round pick). The trade is a 2025 6th-round pick from Miami to Chicago. The Dolphins receive a 2025 7th-round pick and Claypool.

Claypool is in the final year of his contract, and this trade appears to be a 3-month rental before Claypool becomes a free agent and probably lands elsewhere.