The term “long-suffering” is often overused when fans describe being a fan of a sports team. No Chicago Bulls, NY Yankees, LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, or San Francisco Giants fan can say they are long-suffering if their team misses the playoffs one season or has an early exit in round one.

Detroit Lions

Cleveland Browns

NY Knicks

Pittsburgh Pirates

and yes…Miami Dolphins

These are fan bases who can claim to be long-suffering.

It has been many many years (23 to be exact) since the Miami Dolphins won a playoff game. Going to the playoffs is still more of a surprise than expected as playoff appearances have been few and far between for this Dolphins organization.

But this 2023 season is special. I know it’s only October 15th as I type this, but 4-1 and playing the winless Carolina Panthers at home and most likely going 5-1 has this 2023 season feeling different. And Dolphins fans shouldn’t take seasons like this for granted.

Sure, a lot can happen between now and December when we get into the home stretch of the regular season. We lived through that last year with numerous injuries to our starting quarterback and such. But, if you a fan of this team, take a moment and enjoy the present. Live in the moment. Enjoy the ride.

We have lived through more scandals, have seen a revolving door of head coaches, and have had more draft pick busts than we like to remember.

We have sat through more blowouts (which we are on the wrong side of) and watched other teams come into our stadium and celebrate wins.

Now…it’s our time to have some fun.

Enjoy these Sundays and enjoy the fast start Miami has gotten off to this year. As we know seasons like this have been few and far between.

Sure, we can nitpick about this and nitpick about that. The run defense hasn’t been great and our depth in the secondary is concerning. Special Teams haven’t been all that “special” the past three seasons, but, we are winning.

Winning in the NFL is not easy, and no fan should ever take that for granted.

I don’t know what is going to happen today vs the Carolina Panthers, we should win, hopefully, we don’t stub our toe, but as a fan, enjoy it!

Enjoy the fact we have a team that other fan bases now look at and go, “Boy I wish my team was like that.”

Don’t get caught up in the petty Twitter debates over nonsense, and enjoy it!

Seasons like this don’t come around often and this season has all the makings of a special one. Do not take this season for granted.