Free agency is a few weeks old, and the NFL combine is over. We are officially in mock draft season. And while we know mock drafts are more “entertaining” than “science,” they are fun to look at. Bucky Brooks of the NFL Network put out his 3.0 Mock Draft, and with the 21st overall pick, Miami is selecting…


Round 1, Pick #21: Jackson Powers-Johnson, C – Oregon 

“Beefing up the offensive line could help the Dolphins upgrade an offense that struggled against physical defensive fronts last season.”

From PFN

Jackson Powers-Johnson Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 6’3″
  • Weight: 320 pounds
  • Position: Center
  • School: Oregon
  • Current Year: Junior

Powers-Johnson’s Scouting Report


  • Sports a strong, dense, and well-leveraged frame with great mass.
  • Quick accelerator both laterally and vertically.
  • Nimble, lateral mobility, and stellar range.
  • Elite power producer with a penchant for shocking attack punches and destruction.
  • Can load overwhelming, explosive torque into his punches, which sends linemen lurching.
  • Very proficient at loading his base into contact engagements and power exertions.
  • Ability to exert menacing amounts of torque while latched and nullifying stunting rushers.
  • Combined anchor and grip strength allow him to control blocks when properly latched.
  • Possesses the flexibility to adjust angles in recovery and swivel around interior blocks.
  • Possesses hand precision to target and nullify extensions while keeping his base.
  • Has shown he can drag his outside hand before tightening to absorb power rushes.
  • Able to roll his base back in phase and anchor against power, which limits displacement.
  • Alert help blocker with active eyes, who consistently and patiently survey the front.
  • Has the awareness to maintain discipline with positioning and depth against loopers.
  • Recoils quickly at contact and stacks run blocks with effusive urgency and tenacity.
  • Mauling presence in space with elite competitive physicality and finishing ability.


  • Length appears to be average at best, which can impact Powers-Johnson’s blocking range.
  • Length limitations naturally make it more difficult to sustain anchors against longer defensive linemen.
  • Sometimes plays a bit too upright when blocking laterally on zone runs.
  • Occasionally comes off the snap without proper leverage, exposing himself to power.
  • Sometimes lifts his feet out from under him when exerting power, losing balance.
  • Doesn’t always have the elite flexibility to hinge around the front side of run plays.
  • Sometimes prematurely flows to one side as a helper, which exposes opposite gaps.
  • Sometimes slows his feet and plants his base too early in pass-protection reps.
  • Can be late to decouple from combo blocks and shift to adjacent gaps.
  • Adaptable with blocking angles on zone runs, but occasionally overshoots his path.
  • Sometimes loosens his technique too much when traversing the line to help.

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