Ok, here it is, my final Miami Dolphins Mock Draft of 2024. Last year, this time, I was spot-on accurate with Miami selecting DeVon Achane in the 3rd round. Will I be spot on with one of my picks below this year?

So, without further ado, let’s look at my Mock Draft 3.0. (and remember, I don’t mock trades with this)

2024 Miami Dolphins Mock Draft 1.0

2024 Miami Dolphins Mock Draft 2.0


Round 1, Pick #21: Jared Verse, EDGE – FSU

I’m sticking with Verse here in my last mock.  I have seen him go anywhere from 9 to 25 in mock drafts and he is a total wild card in that it is dependant on what other teams do in Round 1. For Miami, watch Chicago at 9, Cincinnati at 18, and LA Rams at 19. If two of those teams don’t select edge rushers or defensive linemen, I think there is a great chance Verse falls to Miami. I believe he is the 3rd best pass rusher in this class behind Dallas Turner and Laitu Latu. But you will see 4 (maybe 5) quarterbacks go in the Top 20; you will see 2 (probably 3) cornerbacks go in the Top 20, which will push one of these edge rushers down to Miami at 21. And if there is a run on offensive linemen and guys like Amarius Mims and Graham Barton go in the Top 20, then it’s a lock an edge rusher falls to Miami.

The Dolphins will not have Jaelan Phillips or Bradley Chubb to open the season, and Andrew Van Ginkel is now in Minnesota. Yes, they signed Shaq Barrett, who is on the wrong side of 30 and on a 1-year deal. Even if Phillips comes back sooner than we think, will he be the same player he was pre-injury? Or will this injury cost him some of that speed he once had and cost him a step? Chubb is returning from his second ACL surgery since being in the NFL and has had ankle surgery; again, the question to be raised is, will he come back the same player, or will he lose a step? Not to mention, Phillips is entering year 4, and Miami will pick up the 5th-year option, but will they be able to pay him and keep him long-term? And with Chubb’s restructuring, will 2024 be his final year in Miami, or will 2025 be his final year in Miami? Miami has the option of a post-June 1st cut after this year to open up $20 million on the cap and only eat $9 million of dead money.

Verse is everything you want coming into the NFL: high motor, explosive, twitchy…he checks every box of those buzzwords you hear only around draft time. While he doesn’t have the ideal size you love in an edge rusher, he has an amazing first step and uses leverage and power to beat blockers. He has a high football IQ and is everything you want in a rookie. Because of the injuries to Chubb and Phillips, Verse is a Day 1 starter for Miami Week 1 in 2024, and honestly, if he plays well and up to the hype, that is a starting position he may never give up.

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 1.0: Bryon Murphy, DT – Texas

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 2.o: Jared Verse, EDGE – FSU


Round 2, Pick #55: Javon Bullard, Safety – Georgia

Miami has a need at safety, and Bullard is one of the top two safeties in this draft. Jordan Poyer is 33, and Jevon Holland is in the final year of his deal. Miami just lost DeShon Elliot and Brandon Jones. There is a need in the short term for depth and in the long term for a future starter after this year. We hear Anthony Weaver loves to run a lot of three-safety sets, so having a third safety is important.

Bullard is a smart football player with a high football IQ. He knows where he is supposed to be on the field at all times, and his brains make up for some of his lack of athletic ability. He has a very average burst, and he doesn’t have great make-up speed once he is beaten, but as an in-the-box safety (think Jordan Poyer’s replacement after this year and what Brandon Jones brought to the table), he is a perfect fit. He is willing in run support and an asset there plus he has decent man-to-man coverage skills vs tight ends.

Chris Grier found value once in the 2nd round with Jevon Holland; I think he hits paydirt again with Bullard in round 2.

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 1.0: Roman Wilson, WR – Michigan 

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 2.0: Braden Fiske, DT – FSU


Round 5, Pick #158: Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, WR – Georgia

With the pick in Rd 5, I’m gonna stick with Rosemy-Jacksaint (as you can see with my mock, you probably feel the offensive line is more of a concern than I do). Wide receiver depth is a real problem for Miami, and they bring someone in who can help on special teams and Danny Crossman, but also help play a role behind Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. He has more skills and upside than Braxton Berrios and River Cracraft and brings a skill set they don’t have.

It’s round five, and you are looking for players who have traits you want to build off of. Rosemy-Jacksaint has long arms, big hands, a huge catch radius, and can catch contested balls. Something Miami didn’t have in 2023, tried to add with Chase Claypool, but that experiment failed. And I think with this pick, Miami tries to address this again by adding someone who brings something unique to this WR room in Miami.

He doesn’t have great speed, and his running route needs a lot of work, but he can catch those jump balls and contested catches. If Mike McDaniel wants to continue throwing those jump balls, this is your guy! Rosemy-Jacksaint is an amazing athlete who can make those catches that make you go “WOW,” but he struggles with the fundamentals of playing the position. But that’s why you pay your coaching staff to coach up players, and with Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, there is a lot to like and coach up. He will never be a burner and have top-end speed, but not every player needs to be the same. It’s good to have some diversity of size and skill set in your WR room.

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 1.0: Isaiah Adams, OG/G – Illinois 

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 2.0: Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, WR – Georgia


Round 6, Pick #184: Justin Eboigbe, DT – Alabama

I know the Dolphins signed six, yes six, defensive tackles this offseason to help replace the loss of Christian Wilkins and Raekwon Davis. But all six were signed to one-year deals for under two million dollars and won’t be here beyond this season, and half won’t make the opening-day roster. Miami needs young bodies to develop at the defensive end and defensive tackle positions moving forward.

Eboige has the build of an NFL defensive lineman is very strong, and also possesses the ability to play in odd and even man fronts. He doesn’t have great quickness or great athletic ability, hence why he is available in Round 6, but there are enough positive traits there to build around and hopefully develop to be a long-term second-string defensive lineman.

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 1.0: Dominque Hampston, S – Washington

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 2.0: Dominque Hampston, S – Washington


Round 6, Pick 198: Caedan Wallace, OT/G – Penn St

Okay, I heard you, and here is your offensive line selection. Wallace has the physical ability to play either tackle or guard in the NFL and brings that position flexibility, which is always welcomed. He is built to be an NFL player as he has great size, arm length, and hand size. Many feel he plays with better technique and fundamentals than his teammate Olumuyiwa Fashanu who is going to go in the first round. He isn’t the athlete, though. Fashanu is, which is why he is a 6th or 7th-round pick.

In Miami, where the offensive line is always in flux, he will have a chance to compete for a back-up job, and at worst, he stays on the practice squad for a season and has a chance to fine-tune his skills heading into 2025.


Previous Pick in Mock Draft 1.0: Nathaniel Watson, LB – Miss St

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 2.0: Nathan Thomas, OT – Louisana-Lafayette


Round 7, Pick #241: Matthew Hayball, P – Vanderbilt

For the 3rd time, I refuse to change this pick. This is more about the principle of this now than anything at this point. The Dolphins can’t be so short-sighted not to try and add a punter. I have no idea on god’s green earth how the Dolphins, a team that wants to win the AFC East and playoff games, can be comfortable with Jake Bailey as their punter in 2024. I will not accept Miami having Jake Bailey as their punter in 2024 and not bringing in some competition for him with more upside. Danny Crossman has to pound the table and demand a new punter. Hayball started his college career at FAU before transferring to Vanderbilt. His senior season was the best at Vandy, with 58 punts, a 47.6 average, with a long of 71. Special Teams matter; draft a punter.

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 1.0: Matthew Hayball, P – Vanderbilt

Previous Pick in Mock Draft 2.0: Matthew Hayball, P – Vanderbilt

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