Multiple outlets are reporting that Tyreek Hill and his wife Keeta are expecting their first child together. It will be Tyreek’s 11th child overall and fourth in the past year. Keeta Hill posted a picture of a sonogram that is leading to all of this speculation and reporting.

Per, “Keeta Vaccaro, Hill’s partner in life and love, took to Instagram with a heartwarming revelation. Amidst the melody of “Closer” by Goapele, an ultrasound image cradled by a heart emoji spoke volumes without uttering a single word. The couple, who recently exchanged vows, are now set to welcome a new heartbeat to their huddle.”

On April 25th, a report came out stating that it was widely known and that he had six kids with four different mothers, but now the number is believed to be ten children with an unknown number of mothers. On the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast, Hill, when asked about having ten children, including four being born in the past year alone, didn’t deny the number or push back on that being the accurate number.

Per the Daily Mail story on this interview, in the interview, it was said…“Hill was asked by one of the hosts: ‘You play offense but off the field, you’re the all-time leading tackler. You’ve got 10 kids. You’re just a family man!’

Hill bowed his head and while he didn’t confirm the figure, he didn’t reject the number 10 either – causing the hosts, rapper Gillie Da King and influencer Wallo 267 – to burst out laughing. “



Later in the interview,  ‘Yeah man, I grew up in the south, man.

‘You see what it is, you see my boys running around here. It don’t matter how many kids I have, a lot of people won’t be able to say Tyreek don’t take care of his kids though.

I think that’s the biggest thing. I wish all of them would have been here. All my kids love coming to the game and stuff like that.

‘Sometimes it can be so hard for me to like mentally lock in because I’ve got daughters too. You know how daughters be. They want to be daddy’s girl, they want to be held and tough like that.

‘Sometimes it is tough but at the same time, I’ve got to be aware I’ve still got a job to do. But I’ve got to be father to my kids in this small moment that I’ve got them here. It’s a lot.”

Per a NY Post article from December 2023 “Brittany Lackner, 30, and Kimberly Baker, 29, accused the All-Pro NFLer of not adequately providing for the children he allegedly conceived with them — and are demanding more child support than the $2,500 per month he already pays them both, as stated in the legal papers. Both lawsuits are ongoing, and were filed separately in Broward County.”

Both children in question were born in 2023.

The report says, “Lackner gave birth to her son, Soul Corazon Hill, on Feb. 7, 2023, after alleging the month prior that she had sex with Hill in Florida in 2022. In her lawsuit, Lackner alleged a prenatal paternity test proved 29-year-old Hill was the father “with greater than 99.9 percent probability.”

In the other lawsuit, the one from Kimberly Baker, she stated in her suit that Tyreek Hill had “utter and abject unconcern” for her now-six-month-old daughter, Trae Love Hill — who she claimed was conceived when she and Hill hooked up in Aug. 2022.

“The Father has in fact demonstrated utter and abject unconcern for the child in wholly failing to act as a parent and is completely failing to support the child,” was also stated in the lawsuit.

In an unrelated incident, earlier this year, Tyreek was sued by a plus-size model for breaking her leg in his backyard doing football drills.