While there is a slight pause in Dolphins news, I figure this is a great time to rank my top five favorite moments as a Miami Dolphins fan.

I chose these moments that I have seen live and have even cheated a little by compiling a few into entire games or seasons as a whole.

My name is Austin Dobbins, and I am 19 years old. I am a Dolphins fan because of my dad, and although the struggles have been real, I have loved every minute of it.

Sports take up the majority of my life as a collegiate athlete and sports enthusiast, but there is something about watching the Dolphins play that gets me so pumped for kickoff.

Here are my top five moments as a Dolphins fan.

#5 The Longest Game in NFL History – September 9, 2018

The season opener against the Titans in 2018 is on my list for personal reasons, as this was my first-ever Dolphins game. I was 13 years old, wearing my Cordrea Tankersley jersey (I thought he would be great). This game holds a special place in my heart, being my first regular season game, being a part of two lightning delays, and Tom Garfinkel allowing us to end the game in the lower bowl. That fourth quarter was something I will never forget: Jakeem Grant’s kickoff return touchdown, the bomb to Kenny Stills, and the chaos that ensued afterward. I haven’t made it to a home game since, but I loved every minute of this one.

#4 The 2016 Season

I think 2016 was the first year I finally sat on the couch and focused on nothing but the Miami Dolphins. I was so invested as an 11-year-old, partly due to fantasy football and my dad’s love for the Dolphins. 2016 was special in many ways, and it was the first year I could confidently talk smack to my friends. The season had so many ups and downs, quite like last season.

Starting 1-4, then busting off six wins in a row, the breakout of Jay Ajayi, and then all coming to a screeching halt at the hands of the newest Dolphin, Calais Campbell. I still remember my confidence in Matt Moore, especially after the Buffalo game, but Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown had something to say about my confidence.

#3 Dolphins @ Raiders – December 26, 2020

This game was nuts, and I wish there could have been a full stadium, but COVID restrictions. The end of this game, with Myles Gaskin’s run, the collapse of the defense, and then Ryan Fitzpatrick’s pass to Mack Hollins, is about as Miami Dolphins as possible. I have previously talked about my love-hate relationship with Jason Sanders. I was so nervous about the kick, but he nailed it, which became a moment of love.

#2 70 Points – September 24, 2023

This game had me questioning if I was in a dream. De’Von Achane’s breakout and the complete dismantling of an NFL franchise had me so excited about what the offense could do. This game was my light and a sign that Dolphins football may finally be on the rise.

#1 The Miami Miracle – December 9, 2018

I think the Miami Miracle is up there for everyone, but for me, it easily takes the cake. This was a great football game; my brothers and I watched it at home with my mom while my dad was out. I remember my brother being so upset that New England had scored, and he went upstairs, missing the Miami Miracle. The call from Ian Eagle, watching the faces of Patriots fans, and helping prevent them from getting the one seed was so awesome.

It was a one-in-a-million moment that you would never believe would happen, and it did. I remember getting our Dolphins flag and running up and down the street with it, so excited about what had happened. The running joke is that in close games, my brother should leave because if he does, miracles happen.

I may have cheated by picking individual seasons or whole games, but honestly, every moment lives with me. My room is decked out, I have a bunch of jerseys, and I have watched all the highlights a million times.

Some other favorite moments include the “Mountaineer Shot” (though I still do not know how it worked), Christian Wilkins jumping on Goodell, the Gesicki Griddy, and sitting at the lunch table with my friends when I got the notifications for the Hill and Ramsey trades.

All these moments live so close to me. Sports unite people, and for me, they are what I love. I enjoy talking about sports and playing sports, and now I am grateful for this opportunity to write about sports.

Although the Dolphins have not had the best success in my lifetime, I watch every game with the same pride and confidence in the team our front office puts out. The moments I chose encapsulate the life of a Miami Dolphins fan.