I recently discussed my favorite moments as a Miami Dolphins fan, but now I will discuss my top five favorite players.

Everyone falls in love with players and hopes those guys play their entire careers with the Dolphins. With free agency and the ever-changing market, players move more than ever before.

Most recently, fan-favorite Christian Wilkins moved on, and as a fan, it is tough to see.

As a 19-year-old fan, I have seen many talented players, many great ones who spent their last years as Dolphins, and now, finally, a team full of young, talented athletes.

With that said, here are my top five favorite Dolphins.

Honorable Mentions

DeVante Parker

The Louisville product was always such a talented player. Parker gave us many great moments and even a glimpse of his true potential in 2019, but he could never stay on the field consistently, and it always bothered me. That said, I love DVP, and congratulations on your retirement!

Laremy Tunsil

Tunsil fell into the Dolphins’ lap at pick 13 after footage of him in a gas mask leaked. Tunsil is a perennial left tackle, and I enjoyed watching him play. But he is here because he set up the current Dolphins team after the trade with the Texans. That trade started something special and a great move by Chris Grier.

Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle

All three have a special place in my heart as I watch the best Dolphins teams of my life. I could have easily included all three in this list, but I want to see them win. I want the current Dolphins team to win before they can replace my childhood favorites.

The players I am about to list did not win as Dolphins either, but they embody players I love and would want on my favorite team. Their grit, physicality, leadership, and love for the game align with how I play, and maybe that’s why they made my list.

#5 Reshad Jones

The hard-hitting safety was just someone I loved to watch play. He was one of the best players on the Dolphins’ defenses when I first started watching them as a kid. Reshad Jones played with heart and is one of my all-time favorites.

#4 Christian Wilkins

I know I mentioned Wilkins in the introduction, but I have loved him since Clemson. The high-motor, trash-talking king is a character. It all started with him doing a split at 300 lbs. after the national title game, then jumping on commissioner Roger Goodell. Every play, Wilkins was in pursuit, hustling. Every week, there was a new clip of him being a hilarious trash talker, and of course, the in-season hard knocks brought us even closer to “Pepper.”

#3 Xavien Howard

One of the best corners in Dolphins history, Xavien has been a problem for all receivers since coming out of Baylor. Xavien will go down as an all-time great Dolphins player in his position. I will always defend him as he consistently battled injuries and covered #1 receivers. Xavien is one of my favorites to put on the jersey, and I will miss #25.

#2 Cameron Wake

Someone who I believe deserves to be in the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll could have easily been put as my favorite player, but the top two are a toss-up. I remember, as a kid doing Cam’s sack celebration with him, how excited I was to see him paired with Suh and how awesome it was for Cam to be in the position he was. I love an underdog story, and Cam is a testament to your work ethic and betting on yourself.

#1 Jarvis Landry

My current favorite Dolphin of all time is none other than Juice. Fresh out of LSU, Jarvis burst onto the scene, breaking many Dolphins’ records and easily becoming my favorite Dolphins player. His big-play ability, swag, and competitiveness made me love Jarvis. Jarvis was part of the first Dolphins team I had belief in, and his physicality is something any coach wants out of a receiver. The visor, the first-down celebration—another guy I wish could win a Super Bowl in aqua and orange.

My favorite Dolphins all embody heart and leadership. While my list may be different from most, these are the players I fell in love with as a young Dolphins fan, and they became my favorites.