The Miami Dolphins have been a mismanaged organization for 20+ years, and there have been many head-scratching decisions at times. That said, their approach in these contract talks with Tua Tagovailoa may be the most baffling of them all.

Whether you are a huge Tua fan and think he is a top 10 or top 5 quarterback in the NFL, or whether you think he is just ordinary and not very good, one thing everyone can agree on is in the never-ending search for a quarterback since Dan Marino retired Tua is the best to play the position for this franchise.

Does that mean he deserves a job for life? NO

Does that mean he deserves a mega multi-million contract? NO

But this Dolphins’ organization has double-downed on Tua and their investment in him in recent years. Bringing in Mike McDaniel and the franchise, they are shoving the narrative down everyone’s throats that Tua is a great quarterback and someone they believe can bring this team to the Promise-land.

They have built up the talent level around him to put him in the best position to succeed and saw him lead the NFL in passing yards last season.

They have argued how many concussions Tua had in 2022 and denied they believe he is injury-prone, while many in the media have said otherwise.

Chris Grier, Mike McDaniel, and the Dolphins organization have had Tua’s back through thick and thin the past few seasons, so why are they pinching pennies with him now and not giving him a fair market deal?

It is baffling.

Either they never believed their own bullshit they have spewed publicly over the past few years, or their opinion on the quarterback has changed since the end of the season.

I’m not saying they need to make Tua the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, but Jeff Darlington of ESPN is reporting that Miami isn’t even close to offering him a market deal.

This organization has passed out so many bad contracts in the past 15+ years that I lost count, and now they are going to draw the line in the sand with Tua? Really? REALLY!!!?!

To me, this situation with Tua and the Dolphins comes down not to money but to something larger that is going on. What that is, I am unsure at this time.

Either Miami’s faith in Tua has drastically changed since January, or the Dolphins feel there will be a better quarterback on the market they can acquire next offseason, or the owner, Mr. Stephen Ross, doesn’t want to pay Tua big money and has put a cap on how much Grier can pay Tua.

It has to be one of those three things, as nothing else makes logical sense.

Regardless, until Tua is paid or no longer in Miami this will be a black cloud hanging over the head of the franchise and it will be a media circus the coaches and players will have to put up with.