Mike Oliva


Growing up during the “Marino-Era” had me hooked on this team since I was a child and I have never looked back. As a life-long diehard fan of the Miami Dolphins I only can count down the days until this team wins a Super Bowl during my lifetime. I entered the Dolphins Fan-Site business back in 2001 and was interviewed and had a write-up on my then site in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in 2003 by NFL Reporter Alex Marvez about when I recruited Ricky William’s mother, Sandy Williams, to be a contributor on my then website. After the 2004 season I took a long break from running a Miami Dolphins fan-site and then started DolphinsTalk.com up in early 2012. Through my many connections with players, agents, media types, and front office personal and with the help of the tremendous staff that has come on board I have grown and guided  DolphinsTalk.com into the amazing website you see today. I am the creator of the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast which won the inaugural Webbie Award for best Miami Dolphins Podcast at Web Weekend XIV in 2017. I am the lead columnist, editor, and Host of the DolphinsTalk.com Daily Podcast, the most listened to daily Miami Dolphins podcast on the Internet.

Tom Ernisee

Executive Vice President

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, I became a Dolphins fan in September of 1989. I have contributed to DolphinsTalk.com for over 3 years as a writer and was the original host of the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast. Follow me on twitter @ternisse13

Randy Savage

Manager of Sales/Marketing

Born and raised in the city of Miami, Florida, I am South Florida sports fan who so happens to love the Miami Dolphins a little more than the others. I have been a Dolphins season ticket holder for the past five seasons and I also was the original co-host of the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast.

Matt Sernaik


Big time journalist that believes that the vision that Thanos should have eliminated QBs with tunnel vision. Operator of my own sports blog called SecondSaturdaySports.com where I must tell you, I don’t always stick to sports. I’m also half of the NEPA Wingmen and have a blog called NEPAWingmen.com where we tell you the best wing joints in North Eastern PA. I perform standup comedy in the Scranton area, you know, when I’m not doing other stuff. Subscriber to the idea that the real Karim Abdul-Jabar was a football player.

Ryan VanHoover


From Syracuse, NY and have been a Dolphins fan since I was 6 yrs old watching Dan Marino. I’m a passionate diehard Dolphins fan no matter what. Want to see this team win the Super Bowl in my lifetime.

Bobby Melendez


I was born in the state of Florida and was raised in Miami, growing up in the small city of Hialeah. In my home, we were raised to be diehard everything Miami (in terms of sports teams) …from the Heat to our beloved Miami Dolphins. Before joining DolphinsTalk.com as a contributor and regular guest on the podcast, I’ve covered the Dolphins for multiple sports sites such as Bleacher Report, Draft Diamonds, RSEN Report, and Real Talk Miami, while also hosting a weekly two-hour podcast for Real Talk Miami covering all of Miami pro sports as well.

Josiel Alonso Silva Servín


I’m Mexican, economist and a Miami Dolphins fan for life. Love to travel and know about different people and places and sharing my thoughts and opinions on the football team I love. #FinsUp

Carl C.Crowley


Blessed. I live with 4 women. Dolphins fan since ’75. Yes, 1975. Old enough to never remember them winning a Super Bowl. Was at the “fake spike” game. Follow me on twitter @carlccrowley

Daniel Seneriz


Avid Sports fan. Indiana Pacers, Miami Dolphins, FLORIDA Marlins, and Florida Gators Sports. Youth Football coach, father of 3. Natural Miami Dolphins fan. Born in Dade County, grew up during the Marino years. Any combination of my first and last names you can think of, I’ve probably heard. Follow me on Twitter: @D_Seneriz

Anthony Saba


Die-hard Dolphins fan for over 30 years.  Born and raised in Southern California but I did attend the University of Miami where I was a Phins season ticket holder for several years while volunteering for Larry Coker and Butch Davis at the “U.”  I was fortunate enough to chart offensive plays during practice and games, as well as being a “fly on the wall” during film break-down sessions.  Former High School football coach turned school administrator.  Talk all things Phins and NFL with me @AnthonySabaNFL

Bobby Wright


I’m born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. I’ve been a Dolphins fan ever since I started watching football at the age of 5. My grandfather got me into watching football and he is a Dolphins fan, so I picked his team to follow. Over the years my passion for this team has grown tremendously. Proud to be a member of the best fan base in the NFL.

Landon and Jeff Neubarth

Podcast Hosts

Landon is a lifelong Dolphins Fan about to enter the 7th grade.  He is like the 1972 dolphins in that the team has a perfect record in games he has attended in person.  His weakness is acquiring jerseys only to have the player traded.

Jeff attended his first Dolphin’s game in 1983 in the upper deck of the Orange Bowl.  He has experienced  the greatness of the Marino-era and the tough times ever since.  He wants nothing more than to see the Lombardi trophy return the south Florida.  Seriously, nothing. Jeff is also a TV producer by trade currently working as Executive Producer at  Callaway Golf’s media company and has been fortunate enough to win 3 Sports Emmy’s for his work in the industry.

Matt DiBrino


Born and raised in North New Jersey, I have been a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan since as long as I remember. Living in the Jets backyard has made this frustrating, especially during their successful years. Miami’s ups and downs never discouraged me as I am the eternal optimist when it comes to this team.  I am a former practicing attorney whom owns and operates a Mortgage Company at the current time and will be expecting my first child this November. I look forward to contributing more content to this great site!

Noah Urbanski

Podcast Co-Host

I’m a huge football fan and even bigger Dolphins fan. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, part of the weirdly large upstate NY Dolphins fan base. Been a Dolphins fan since I was 7 years old, been a miserable Dolphins fan since I was 8 years old. As a younger fan I missed out on the Marino days, my earliest Dolphins memories include Cleo Lemon and Chad Henne slinging the ball straight to defenders. On a slightly related note I would take a bullet for Tannehill. I moderate the Miami Dolphins Subreddit and host the Phins Up Phans Down podcast alongside Mike. Follow me for podcast updates, hot takes, and occasional gif threads.

Michael Woodburn

Podcast Co-Host

Born in ’92 and raised a Die-hard Dolphins fan, who eventually grew into being a podcast addict. Combined my two passions to bring them into Phins Up Phans Down. The only thing I love more than the Dolphins is the schadenfreude regarding the Patriots and their fans. I am both a homer and an eternal pessimist at the same time regarding this team.