I know there’s some of you loving this trade and the rest of you probably hate this trade.  Before we go and make our conclusions on this trade, let me go ahead and breakdown what the Dolphins lost and won here.

2019 No. 48 pick – The talks early were that Cards wanted this pick and it would be enough to acquire Josh Rosen.  Chris Grier thought it was too much to offer the Cards and did the right think and trading down and earning more compensation for the future.

Dolphins Acquire – Saints 2020 2nd round pick, Saints 2019 2nd round pick ( No. 62 ) , Saints 2019 6th Round pick ( No. 202 )

Saints Acquire – Dolphins 2nd Round pick ( No. 48 ) , Dolphins 4th Round pick ( No. 116 )


2019 No. 62 Pick – Trading back from 48, gave us a the 62nd pick in the draft.  This was late enough for Chris Grier to go ahead and make the trade with the Cardinals.

Dolphins Acquire – Josh Rosen

Cardinals Acquire – 2019 No.62 draft pick, Dolphins 2020 5th round pick

The interesting thing about this trade is about the 5th round pick that we may earn next offseason.  When Ryan Fitzpatrick was signed by the Dolphins, there was a chance that Miami could lose that projected 5th round Compensation pick that they got by letting go of Cameron Wake.  The reason for this was because of the ” Playing Time ” he would be getting.  Now that Rosen is competing with Fitzpatrick, it’s more likely that the Dolphins were keep that projected pick.


Conclusion – So I’m my opinion these 2 trades were huge for the Dolphins future and were steals in reality.  Below is what we lost and Earned from the 2 trades

Won – Josh Rosen ( No.62 ) , 2020 2nd Round pick, 2019 6th round pick

Lost – 2019 4th Round pick, 2020 5th round pick

More likely to keep – 2020 5th Round Compensation pick