This is a column I ran many years ago on a previous website I wrote for and owned and it was very popular. So I am bringing it back now in 2016. Every week (usually on Thursday evenings) I will release my top plays for the weekend in College and Pro.

Now, I know what you are asking what makes you an expert? Well, I am no expert but I have made a very handsome amount of money over the years betting on football. I follow the game closely and have written for many publications over the years when it comes to football; college and pro. Granted everyone has their bad weeks and their dry spells for a few weeks, so don’t go betting your kid’s college fund on my picks. Each week I get my lines from the USA Today and use the line from the WYNN Casino and Sportsbook in Las Vegas.  Lines change over the course of the week so the line I use is what the number is when I type my weekly column (as if I were placing a real bet at a window.)

So, with that said, let’s get to this weeks picks…


DUKE -6.5 over Wake Forest
Wake Forest is an awful football program. They have been miserable for years and they barley hung on at home last week with a 7-3 win over Tulane. Duke has been an up and coming program for years and giving up less than a touchdown to a team that can’t win a road conference game. It’s is an easy pick. Easy money here.

OREGON -24 over Virginia
It’s a big number here but Virginia is another brutal football team this year.  Virginia lost last week at home, yes at home, to Richmond 37-20. Now they have to travel across the country and face a college football power in Oregon and that spread offense. This game has 55-10 written all over it. Lay the 24 and don’t worry about it.

PITT +2 over Penn St
This game means more to Pitt, it has always meant more to Pitt. Penn St and that rotten human being Joe Pa ended this yearly series many years ago for no good reason. And now they are renewing this rivalry as these two teams should play every year. Pitt is sneaky good and being a home dog here I like getting points at home. I am not sure how good Penn St is and I think this will be an ugly low scoring game. Take the points at home with Pitt



HOUSTON -6 over Chicago
I think the Bears might be one of the worst teams in the NFL this year. Houston has added a lot of fire power on offense and has improved the QB position. The defense is solid. Bill O’Brien is a good head coach and very smart. At home, giving up only 6, I think Houston wins this easily.

NY Giants +1 over DALLAS
I don’t like taking road dogs early in the year but the Giants are the better team. Better pass rush, better secondary, better WR’s, better QB. Until Dak Prescott does it in a “real game” I am not buying him just yet. Give me the experience of Eli over the inexperience of Dak.

ARIZONA -7 over New England
I always say bet against Belichick at your own risk. But this isn’t the same Patriots team and Arizona might be the best team in the NFL. No Brady, No Gronk, No Solider, No Ninkovich, No  Cooper….NO CHANCE IN HELL for the Pats. Arizona is loaded, yes loaded. Week 1 at home, at night, Chandler Jones will have the defense ready to go against his old team. The Pats will bounce back and win their double digit games this year, but week 1 they are gonna get slaughtered. I will risk betting against Belichick this week.