Day one is in the books and Charles Harris is now a member of the Miami Dolphins. So, what is in store for Day two where Miami owns picks #54 and #97? Here are some quick thoughts I have as of this morning.

-Before I get to the Day two preview let’s do a quick recap of the Charles Harris pick. Miami got a steal with this pick at #22. I know some of you wanted Reuben Foster but Miami got a player with no failed drug test and with no character issues. And reports are out this morning that at least one team (and possibly more) believe Foster needs a 2nd shoulder surgery which could put part of his 2017 season in doubt. Harris is a polished pass rusher and in the NFL you can never have enough pass rushers. Can he play the run very well? NO! But guess what, Jason Taylor couldn’t when he came in the NFL. Dwight Freeney couldn’t, Von Miller couldn’t. And honestly with players like Freeney, Miller, and JT do we care if they can stop the run? NO…we care how many sacks they get. Charles Harris is a guy who will bring constant pressure and be near or at double digit sacks most seasons. One last point people; Cam Wake is 35 years old and by NFL standards that’s really old! Any season could be his last as he could retire and/or one year the body might break down and he might become an “ordinary” or “marginal” player over night. Miami has to prepare for that.

-There is no need to trade up in Round 2. There are so many good players at Miami’s position of need right now on the board that one is going to be there at pick #22 (54 overall) in Round 2 for the Miami Dolphins. There are a lot of guards, cornerbacks, safeties, and even a couple defensive tackles that will fall to Miami at #54. Miami needs to just stay put and take a very good player who will fall in their lap.

-Who should Miami take in Round two or who do I expect to be there at pick #54? Well being realistic someone like Forrest Lamp or Cam Robinson isn’t going to fall that far. I don’t even think Zach Cunningham will fall that far either. I think Miami can get a cornerback like Chidobe Awuzie (Colorado), Quincy Wilson (Florida), Jalen Tabor (Florida), or Cordrea Tankersley (Clemson.)  Also guards like Dion Dawkins (Temple) or Dan Feeney (Indiana) should be there as well. If Miami wanted to go safety they could go Buda Baker (Washington) or Josh Jones (NC State.) These are just a few names to keep an eye on tonight.

-Come Round three Miami can get creative and if they want to trade up I would have no problem with that. Miami doesn’t have a fourth round pick but has three picks in round five, so one of those could easily be moved if Miami wanted to move up a few spots. Also because this draft is so heavy with quality players at positions of need for Miami, I would also have no problem trading a 2018 pick if need be to get an extra pick this year or move up in a round to get a guy this year. I do think the probability Miami makes a trade in Round 3 is very high.

-I am guessing they will have two needs filled with one obviously being pass rusher when Miami is on the clock in round 3. So out of guard, linebacker, secondary one these areas will be addressed in Round 2. In round 3 whichever area of need hasn’t been addressed is prime to be addressed here and also throw in defensive tackle as well as Miami still needs a back-up defensive tackle.

Keep coming back to all day today for the latest news & rumors. And also after every Miami draft pick to get the run-down on the player with video and analysis as well.

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