The Miami Dolphins will be heading into free agency and salary cap before the NFL Draft, and a lot of Dolphins fans know who is actually staying and going. The Dolphins finished the 2018 season 7-9 and there were times I felt like they were playoff contenders, but that all went up in smoke due to the incompetence of Adam Gase and inexcusable losses when the Dolphins needed the wins the most. Personally, I do think there are players that were listed as backups that played better than starters that deserve to stay and now I will tell you who I think needs to be cut and who Chris Grier should consider keeping.

Ryan Tannehill- I think we’ve all found out since 2012 that Ryan Tannehill is not a legit starter and not the franchise quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Personally, I feel like Brock Osweiler was more consistent than Tannehill, but when it came to downfield shots, I felt more comfortable with Ryan Tannehill. Obviously though, I think it is time for the Tannehill era to end in South Florida.

Ja’Wuan James- When James was drafted in 2014 I felt like he was the best offensive lineman draft pick since Jake Long back in 2008, but he has somewhat underachieved. The offensive line has been a major problem in Miami and that has caused the majority of Ryan Tannehill’s problems with protection and turnovers. I feel like the Dolphins just need a whole new offensive line, to be honest.

Andre Branch- Since Branch was drafted by the Jags in 2012, he has not performed like he did when he was at Clemson. Before last season he signed a three-year $24 million contract extension, but Ryan Tannehill signed a similar contract before the 2015 season and that did not mean anything.

Akeem Spence- Remember when Spence was traded to Miami so the Browns could acquire Jarvis Landry? I don’t think anything good came out of that, to be blunt, but the Dolphins can have a way better defensive line than this.

Sam Young- He has worked hard during his time in Miami but, as I said about James, the Dolphins just need a whole new offensive line in general.

A player that I think the Dolphins need to consider keeping around?

Brock Osweiler- When Osweiler started last season I thought he was very consistent, but if his passing downfield can get better than I would keep him.

The Brian Flores hire was the right hire and he is the first head coach with a defensive background since Nick Saban, but let’s hope this turns out better and the Dolphins contend for an AFC East title and a playoff berth not just to get there, but to win in the playoffs.