The Miami Dolphins went up against the New York Jets and the coach they fired 10 months ago today. The Jets were 1-6 coming into the game and having a disappointing season after having high hopes coming in. The Jets spent a lot of money this off season on players like Le’veon Bell, CJ Mosley, and others hoping to make a run with their young quarterback Sam Darnold. However, things have gone from bad to worse for the Jets. It started with the Jets losing to the Buffalo Bills on opening day after having a 16-0 lead in the 4th quarter, then losing their quarterback Darnold for a month with an illness mononucleosis, and other assortment of injuries.

However, the Jets have Gase and their coach and he hasn’t changed one bit in the 10 months since being let go by the Dolphins. Gase is always making constant excuses for his team’s performances, such as not having his starting quarterback or blaming his offensive line. Gase’s team has underachieved and at times has played pathetic. They looked so unprepared in 2 games against the New England Patriots not even scoring an offensive touchdown in either game or not even being competitive. When the Jets did get Darnold back the team had a game and upset the Dallas Cowboys thinking they would turn the season around. Well it turned south in a hurry not only being humiliated on a Monday night game against the Patriots, but the following week didn’t show up against the Jacksonville Jaguars before becoming the first team to lose to the rebuilding Dolphins today.

Gase’s team looks undisciplined as evidenced by their 10 penalties today which hasn’t changed. The Dolphins were always among the worst penalized teams in the league. He continues to sit by himself on the sideline looking at offensive plays rather than check out his team on defense to help out. I get he calls the offensive plays, but that’s where you can delegate at times.

Gase also has let his arrogance get in the way. He won a power struggle over the general manager shortly after he was hired and got him fired. For someone who said in his opening press conference with the Jets that he just wanted to coach and didn’t need control than why flex your muscle to get your current general manager fired.

It’s apparent that Gase hasn’t learned his lessons from his first head coaching job. Now the Jets are 1-7 and have hit rock bottom losing to the Dolphins when the Jets are clearly a more talented team. Gase could survive this season and get another season, but it’s also possible the Jets might realize they made a mistake. Unless Gase changes it’s going to be tough sledding for the Jets moving forward, but the Jets are the Jets thinking the Dolphins got rid of a good coach only to find out he’s not the man.