What if I was to tell you that the Miami Dolphins will sign Tom Brady after this season? What if I was to tell you Miami will draft Tau Tagovailoa in the NFL draft this year? Living 65 miles from Foxborough and watching Tom Brady decimate the Dolphins for 20 years has been exhausting. The guy is the GOAT (sorry Marino). There has been some chatter on what the future holds for TB 12. This is what I’m hearing….


If Tom Brady decides to play next year and not retire, then he will be suiting up for a different team. New England seems like they’ve been trying to get off him for years now. Brady will be 43 at the start of next year. Seems weird to think, but Montana played with the Chiefs, Manning with the Broncos, Favre with the Jets and Vikings. Not too many people envisioned that, but Brady wants to play until he’s 45. I was thinking who would consider signing Tom Brady? The Bears? Trubisky is not the answer. Panthers? Cam Newton is gone, and Kyle Allen isn’t the man. How about the Miami Dolphins?


Why would a rebuilding Dolphin team sign Tom Brady? He has familiarity with Owner Stephen Ross, both Michigan Alumni. Coach Flores and Chad O’Shea both were with Brady for a decade of seasons. People like going where they’re comfortable, that’s human nature. He would be staying in the same division he has dominated forever. How about the Miami Dolphins will have over 100 million dollars to spend this offseason. With the New England culture, they’re building what will attract free agents. Also, no state tax in the state of Florida. Even through a tough season, players are playing hard for Coach Flores. This team is on the up and up isn’t it?


I can argue that Miami’s offensive weapons are better than New England’s. If Brady had Devante Parker this year, Kenyan Drake, Preston Williams, Mike Gesicki, Allen Hurns and Albert Wilson. I think the Patriots offense would be producing better than what it has recently. Not only that, they have better weapons, 3 first round picks to sure up the O-line to protect him.


What if Miami drafts Tua Tagovailoa with one of their picks in the 20’s? Have him sit at least his first year, recovering from his injury. Brady Starts 2020 and Tua takes the reigns for the future. Does it seem totally impossible? I don’t think so. We all heard owner Stephen Ross wanted Tua before his injury, what if we can get him in the mid 20’s? A mid first round pick like that is a coin flip at best. Look at Charles Harris and Taco Charlton, flip your coin.


I watch and love Miami every week, every year. Would it be awful to imagine Brady bridging the future for Tua? Is it impossible? No, I believe it is possible and a real possibility. Maybe it never comes that close, maybe Brady retires. Maybe he plays for New England for a few more seasons. Or maybe he wants to prove everyone that has written him off recently. Bill Belichick has been wanting to move on from Brady for years. The same guy that wanted to trade Brady a few years ago and keep Jimmy Garoppolo. We shall see what the future holds, Tom Brady and Tua Tagovailoa in Miami can happen, can’t it?


As always, Phins up!