No team in the AFC East is better positioned for the next decade than the Miami Dolphins. With immense draft capital and salary cap space, along with a legitimate head coach, the Dolphins are set to once again rule the East. 

The New England Patriots have had an absolute stranglehold on the division ever since Tom Brady entered the picture. However, it seems more likely than ever that #12 could be suiting up for a team outside of Foxborough next season. No one seems to have a strong sense of Brady’s current mindset regarding his impending free agency, but either way he is approaching the end of the line. If Brady returns to the Pats, which I believe he will, it should not last more than 2 years. He will be entering his age 43 season in 2020, and though he has eluded Father Time for many years it must end sooner than later. The loss of Brady, whether that is this offseason or 2 years from now, is inevitable for the Patriots. What will Belichick do when that day comes? Does he stick around and attempt to develop his next franchise QB? Only time will tell, but for now the future New England’s football team is blurrier than most in the AFC East. 

The Buffalo Bills have the strongest case in opposition to Miami’s when it comes to who will hold the throne in the East next. Most Bills fans would likely contend that Josh Allen is a franchise QB capable of bringing a championship to a city which has never ceased to be in a title-drought. In my opinion Josh Allen is a mid-tier QB at best in this league, and though he might’ve led the 2019 Bills to the playoffs his ceiling seems to be quite limited. He is a highly inaccurate quarterback, and always has been. If the Bills consistently build strong defenses and put together a solid run game, then Allen can captain the team to 9 or 10 wins, but he will likely never be as high as Top-10 when it comes to his position. Buffalo will spend most of the decade working around Allen and trying to build a team that can compensate for his inadequacies, leading them to another 10-year span of mediocrity.  

Adam Gase and the New York Jets are home to one of the country’s largest circuses. The Jets were clinically insane when they initially brought Adam Gase in, but to retain him for at least an additional season after what 2019 looked like is borderline criminal. New York drafted Sam Darnold with the third overall pick in 2017 in hopes that we would become the team’s anchor at QB for the foreseeable future. Darnold seems to be a highly talented QB, but if I were a Jets fan, I would be highly concerned about giving the responsibility of developing this kid into an elite QB to Adam Gase. Gase will likely ruin another year of Darnold’s career before being ousted in New York. Gase is not the only problem with the Jets, though. The Jets are consistently one of the worst-run franchises in the NFL and it is difficult to see how that will change drastically anytime soon. If New York has any hope at being a legitimate contender in the 2020’s, then Sam Darnold’s development will be paramount. 

Brian Flores and Chris Grier have put the Dolphins in a fantastic position to turn the fate of this franchise around. The Brady days are coming to an end, the Bills and Jets are minor threats at best, and the world is Miami’s oyster. With 3 first-round picks in 2020, 2 first-round picks in 2021, along with much more draft capital and money to spend in free agency, the Dolphins have every opportunity to build a dynasty. The Dolphins have many needs to address, but they have a path to success in front of them. Grier and Flores must spend wisely and hit on their pivotal draft picks in order to successfully see this rebuild through. 

The window is just beginning to open in South Beach.