Thanks for checking in to this week’s edition of Miami Musings, your trusted source of deeper thoughts and observations for all things Dolphins.  It’s Friday of Chiefs-week so let’s get right to business.

  • In less than 48 hours, the game we’ve all circled on our calendars will be upon us.  The defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs are rolling into town on the right arm of Patrick Mahomes.  This matchup between the Dolphins and Chiefs means more now than it did back in September.  The last time Kansas City played at Hard Rock Stadium, they left town with that shiny trophy we’ve all been coveting.  For Miami fans, watching another team win a championship in “your house” is never a pleasant sight.  Perhaps that will serve as extra motivation on Sunday.


  • There is no perfect time to play the Chiefs.  Unless they decide to let loose in South Beach the night before, the Dolphins will have their hands full.  That’s a fact, Jack.  But if there ever was a perfect time to play Kansas City, why not now?  Miami is in the middle of a three-game December homestand and seems to have forged an identity after last week’s melee with the Cincinnati Bengals.  The Dolphins are in playoff/division title contention, and the time has come to know whether or not they are on the shortlist of AFC contenders.  Miami is an ascending team, but can they be a Clubber Lang #1 contender?


  • Miami is wise to go with their throwback uniforms for their remaining home games.  Perhaps one of you in the Musing Crowd can research the Dolphins’ record when they turn back the clock. Uniforms don’t win games, but they can certainly add an extra element of inspiration.  PLEASE, PLEASE, Stephen Ross, bring back the throwback uniforms PERMANENTLY next season. Dolfan Nation will thank you a million times over.

  • I had the fortunate experience of living in Alabama for five years between 2011-2016.  If you have not experienced living in SEC football country, you’re missing out on a real bucket list experience.  Talking Alabama football with the locals is just as good as a hot date with a fabulous conversation.  Here are two reasons:  Tua Tagovailoa and Raekwon Davis.


  • It took me a good ten years to finally get over the scars left behind when Nick Saban up and left for Alabama.  Especially when he came right out and said, “I’m committed to the Miami Dolphins and this organization (or something to that effect).”  Saban is a story for another day, but what he’s accomplished with Alabama has left a huge mark on the NFL.  Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and LSU are essentially minor-league pipelines for future NFL stars.  If you don’t believe me, look at what Ozzie Newsome has done with the Baltimore Ravens by tapping into those programs.


  • Part of the fun of watching sports is to spot players with the “it factor.”  You know “it” when you see “it.”  It’s almost like the perfect combination of grace, talent, and timing.  I believe Tua Tagovailoa has the “it factor” every time I watch him play football.  When I moved to Boston in 1999, I felt the same way about Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez.  When Pedro was pitching, you just stopped what you were doing because you were afraid to miss something amazing.  Look at the first 2-3 innings of the ’99 All-Star Game at Fenway Park, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Both Tua & Pedro are small in stature, but you see IT when you watch them play.


  • Raekwon Davis is a different type of talent than Tua Tagovailoa.  If you recall the giant grin on Brian Flore’s face on draft day, you knew a 6’7″ 325-pound present just landed in his lap.  Why? Because Flores doesn’t smile very often.  He knew what he was getting in the 2nd Round with Davis, and most importantly, he knew how to light a fire under his as$.  Over the last several weeks, you’ve seen what that Flores Fire can do for a player who didn’t always play to his potential at Alabama.  Davis has been a key factor in the Dolphins’ recent stretch of 4th down stands.  This Sunday against Kansas City, Brian Flores will have blowtorched Raekwon Davis before the Dolphins even take the field.