If there’s one thing that I think we can all agree on, it’s that the past 12 months have been unlike any in our lifetime. And if there’s one thing we can’t agree on, at least in the Dolphins Twitter world, it’s that Tua Tagovailoa is the right guy to lead this team.

That’s one of the things I like about being a fan of a professional sports team. The “arguments” that go along with that. The biggest one among Dolphins fans these days seems to swirl around the quarterback position.

Let me digress here and provide a little anecdote. At the age of 41, having worked in another profession for close to 20 years, I decided to become a school teacher. Needless to say, when I landed my first full-time classroom, I probably wasn’t the best teacher. I can wholeheartedly admit, I probably wasn’t the best teacher in my first year. On the flip side, I can also wholeheartedly admit I was much better in my second year. 

I’m going to plant my flag in the ground. I think Tua Tagovailoa should be the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins and deserves the chance to prove it.

Fact – Tua Tagovailoa was a very successful college quarterback and was highly graded by almost everyone. 

Fact – Tua Tagovailoa sustained a severe injury that ended his final season in Alabama, which caused him to have to go through an intense rehabilitation process last year. 

Fact – Tua Tagovailoa was 6 and 3 as a starting NFL quarterback and put up respectable numbers as a first-year starter.

Fact – The Miami Dolphins are in a multi-year rebuild, which Tua Tagovailoa is part of, and are still adding missing pieces.

Fact – Deshaun Watson is a better quarterback right now than Tua Tagovailoa is. 

Fact – Deshaun Watson isn’t the Miami Dolphins quarterback.

The point is, give Tua Tagovailoa some time. It’s already been evident that Tagovailoa is taking this offseason seriously and has been seen working out and working with his receivers. Getting reps throwing the football instead of getting reps to strengthen a hip should payoff. Is this a guarantee? Nope. Also, let the record show that I’m not saying we have to give him an eternity either, but I think the kid deserves more than 9 games.

Now…Najee or Aaron?