If you love sports betting you are likely to have come across instant football. Yet if you have not played this or given it much thought then you probably don’t think it’s anything special. Your opinion would completely chance through if you were to take a deep dive and examine all the features this game has.


Given how competitive the gambling market can be, it’s no wonder that lots of online gambling parlors also added sports betting options. With many companies eager to enter the Dutch market, it’s guaranteed that you will see more casinos that offer betting options and some of them even instant football. If you haven’t had the chance to experience Instant Football make sure to stick around, as we will give a detailed explanation on why you should be excited.

What is Instant Football

Developed by 1x2gaming, Instant Football looks simple on the surface, but at a closer look, you begin to understand the genius behind it. At its core it is a simulation of a football game and users can place bets while watching the simulated match. This makes it a great form of entertainment if there are no real events taking place. Moreover, the graphics are decent, it’s fast-paced, and allows for different customization.

Why Online Casinos Should Offer Instant Football

Casinos that offer sports betting options, in general, do so in order to attract more users, and also to create a better overall user experience. There are also other ways in which casino operators work towards the ultimate user experience. For example, online casino iDeal and other websites with similar payment methods want to ensure that their players have the best deposit and withdrawal options. However, adding sports betting as an option is certainly one of the top ways to achieve a greater user base. Instant Football is not like watching a real game, it is fast-paced and the outcome is completely calculated by the software. This means users can play lots of games in a relatively short time period, which does align with the type of entertainment generally present in casinos.

Why Players Will Love It

The players will love Instant Football for the same reason they like slots, baccarat, or blackjack. The games are dynamic and they can play round after round within minutes. In fact, sports fans might even like this more than regular betting. They don’t have to wait hours or days in order to find out the outcome of the match they bet on.


Another reason is different betting options which allow players to have better control over the odds. The available options are the following:


  • Full-Time Result: Just like regular game players need to guess who will win or whether it will end in a draw.
  • Double Chance: Like the first one but you can choose 2 out of 3 possible outcomes. Team 1 wins, team 2 wins, or draw.
  • Half-Time Result: Players can speculate the result by the end of the first half, 1, X, or 2.
  • Under/Over Total Goals: You don’t have to bet on who will win, just try to guess if the number of goals will go over or under a certain value.
  • Match Total Goals: If you are feeling lucky, you can try to guess the exact number of points scored by both teams.
  • Full-Time Exact Score: If you can guess the exact score you can look forward to some amazing rewards.
  • Asian Handicap: This is a feature more than an option, as players can choose if the algorithm should take Asian Handicap into the account or not.


Anyone who has placed bets online in the past will find the user interface intuitive and easy to navigate.


As you can see it really makes sense to have Instant Football at an online casino. It’s always available for playing and allows for hours of non-stop fun. It gives players lots of options to customize their bets, and they also get to watch a virtual simulation of these short matches.