What? It’s Thursday night, and there is no NFL football. We just got back into football season, and then there is a week off? All kidding aside, this is a great week to work with the 53-man roster going into the regular season. The week off gives the players time to really get into the game plan for their week 1 game and bond with the smaller roster and their teammates they will be working with for the next few months.

The final cut happened this past Tuesday. This now lets coaches and the players know the talents and the strengths and weaknesses the team has this season.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Miami Dolphins kept 26 players on the roster. Since Fuller is suspended for the first game, the Fins can keep one more player. This additional player could be removed from either side of the ball after week one. The Dolphins’ kept a lot of pass catchers on the offense, with twelve, including 7 wide receivers and 5 tight ends. The offensive line consists of 9 players on the final roster. Tua and Jacoby are the two quarterbacks on the team, and the three running backs are Gaskin, Brown, and Ahmed, which rounds out the 26 players on offense.

On the defensive side of the ball, Miami kept 25 players on the team. The largest group on the defensive side of the field is the defensive backs. There are eight cornerbacks and four safeties.  Miami waived corner Jamal Perry today and was awarded corner Elijah Campbell off waivers from the New York Jets. The linebackers have seven players represented on the team. There are six defensive line players. Jaelan Phillips is listed as a linebacker, but his play has him up on the line as well. The three specialty players round out the team’s full roster are kicker Jason Sanders, punter Michael Palardy, and long snapper Blake Ferguson.

Well, now I wait until Sunday, September 12 at 4:25 to get here.