If you check out a betting site such as novibet.ie you’ll find that your beloved Dolphins are sitting at around +4000 to win the Super Bowl. This, of course, is something that doesn’t surprise any of us, and you’d be hard pushed to find a fan who fancies backing us. With this being said, however, we can still look to build this season and try and put some smiles on fans’ faces once again. With this in mind, here is what we think the season will look like for the Dolphins.

Potential Post-Season

The Dolphins haven’t made it to the playoffs since 2016, so could this be the year that they give fans a few extra games to enjoy? Judging by the sportsbooks, most think that we will win nine games this season, something which we tend to agree with. Last season was a 9&8, and of course, we didn’t make it, but historically that is a record that can be enough to get a franchise to the playoffs. Our pick is that this will be the season that the Dolphins get back to the post-season, even if we do have that 9&8 record again.

Big Tua Tagovailoa

 One prediction which we are absolutely sure of is that Tua Tagovailoa will have a breakout season, and we cannot wait for it. This is a QB with an abundance of talent, but over the last two seasons, he has really seemed to lack confidence and conviction in his performances. We are already hearing talk from behind the scenes, from the likes of Mike McDaniel, that Tua is ready to show what he has got and deliver the killer instinct which all of the best QBs throughout history have displayed. If Dolphins can get Tua fit and filled with confidence, he could really be a star player this season.

Tyreek Hill Growth

Quite how Hill wound up at the Dolphins when he was so keen to stay in KC is unclear, and Dolphins fans really should be excited about this talented WR. Not only does Hill bring that winning mentality which he got from the Chiefs, but he also brings some incredible numbers from 2021, which look set to continue in the coming season. This is a player who is really going to get the fans going this year.

Defensive Issues

So many pundits are looking at the loss of Brian Flores and suggesting that it won’t have an impact on the quality of our defense. Our pick, however, is that it most certainly will, and it is a concern that we have going into the new season. Regardless of what we do in the draft, there is no doubt that Brian leaves a sizable hole which will not be filled easily.

As most fans, we are not overly excited about our prospects this season, but we do fancy the team to give us some exciting moments and push on into the post-season.