Tyreek Hill is having a blast in Miami.

“I’m like a kid in a candy store”, said Tyreek after their 35-32 road win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

The Dolphins wideout has only played nine games in his short time with the team but has already broken various records. Tyreek has combined with fellow wideout Jaylen Waddle for 1,916 yards so far this season, the most in the Super Bowl era. This has the duo on pace to beat the record set by a receiver duo, which was the Detroit Lions’ Herman Moore and Brett Perriman in 1995 (3,174)

With no clear frontrunner this year, talk has once again arisen over whether a non-quarterback could win the award for the first time since Adrian Peterson’s 2012 campaign.

Could Tyreek win the award and break the quarterback streak?

Here are reasons why he is and is not a candidate for the award.

Why Tyreek Could Win MVP

If the award is based on the award name, the “Most Valuable Player”, then Tyreek is a contender. Since being traded to the Dolphins from the Kansas City during the 2022 offseason, Hill has been a massive figure of importance both on and off the field.

He spent a lot of the summer praising his quarterback Tua Tagovailoa at a time where he was subject to a lot of uncertainty from both fans and the media. On the field, he has been everything that Miami wanted and more. He leads the league in receiving yards and whilst he only has three receiving touchdowns, he has been part of everything that has been good on offense for the Dolphins.

His 1,104 yards from 76 catches is the most for any player during the Super Bowl era during their opening nine games, beating out Calvin Johnson’s 1,083 in 2013. He is on pace to end the season with 2,085.3 receiving yards.

He would become the first player in Super Bowl era history to reach over 2,000 yards, beating the record set by Calvin Johnson during the 2012 season (1,964) and Cooper Kupp’s total from last season (1,947).

Why He May Not

There is a reason why no non-quarterback has won the award for ten seasons.

The quarterback position is the most coveted position, whether a signal caller is getting a lot of media love or being slated for poor performances. Kids grow up wanting to be a quarterback, they get the highest contracts and carry the pressure of the entire offense on their shoulders.

This should not be the case when it comes to MVP voting, but it unfortunately is. This is why Tua is more likely to win MVP than Tyreek.

Overall Conclusion

Unless Tyreek breaks the 2,000-yard record, he is unlikely to win the award due to the fact he is not a quarterback. He should be a candidate and be considered for it if he carries on the way he is performing, but even though he is an elite wideout, he is not a QB and this is what is considered in the voting process.

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