Tua was named as the 2022 Midseason MVP in a vote by NFL on FOX fans.

I know what you’re thinking, this award means nothing. However, I ask you this, would you have predicted this for Tua at the start of the season?

Nobody went into the 2022 campaign with more talk than Tua. He was subject to a very mixed set of opinions. There were those that believed, and those that doubted.

Tua has simply balled out this season and this award is the biggest sign of progress from the 2020 fifth overall pick.

Tua’s Impressive Season

It has been a really good season from Tua. He last threw an interception in Week Four, only four quarterbacks have thrown for more passing touchdowns, and he has only had one game that he finished where he has thrown for less than 200 yards.

The trade for Tyreek Hill in the offseason has been everything that the franchise hoped to get from it and more.

Hill leads the league in receiving yards (1,104), with Jaylen Waddle fifth (812), which shows the calibre of talent Tua has around him, as well as his ability to supply them with the ball.

The Week Two comeback in Baltimore against the Ravens kickstarted this impressive campaign, becoming the third quarterback in franchise history to throw for six touchdowns in a game. This is a feat only previously achieved by Bob Griese (1977) and Dan Marino (1986).

Since then, he has been excellent, with three touchdown passes in each of his last two games. This is even more impressive considering what happened in Week Four.

Coming Back From Injury

The injury in Cincinnati during the Thursday Night Football game on the road to the Cincinnati Bengals was gruesome. Nobody wanted to see that, and the stadium was shell-shocked.

In reality, he should not have played after the incident during the Week Three win over the Buffalo Bills, and certainly not in Week Four. As a result, Tua missed the next three games. The fact they lost all of those games without him only further goes to show how good his season has been.

To come back not only from the injury he had in Alabama but also the one he suffered earlier in the campaign shows one thing, that Tua is a fighter and this deserves massive recognition.

Silencing The Doubters

Tua was one of the most talked about players in the offseason. It is clear to see now that Brian Flores did not rate him and there were plenty in the Dolphins fanbase and media that had their doubts. However, those who doubt him now are few and far between.

A lot of credit has to go down to Mike McDaniel. Despite some questionable play calling and clock management, there is no doubt that he has completely elevated Tua’s game. Along with Hill, McDaniel was a constant supporter of him in the public eye. They both referred to his accuracy and this has been evident.

Dolphins Coach Mike McDaniel not surprised with Tua Tagovailoa’s Success

Geno Smith (73.1%) and Joe Burrow (70.0%) are the only two starting quarterbacks to have played at least seven games with a better completion percentage than Tagovailoa (69.9%). In addition, Tua has the eleventh most yards as well as zero interceptions in the redzone and only three quarterbacks have more passing touchdowns in the redzone (11).

Tua has some tough games coming up after next week’s bye, with the San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Chargers and Green Bay Packers (despite their form) still to play. There is also the matter of their divisional rivals the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and New England Patriots. Miami are 2-1 in division games this season, and it should be noted that he missed the one division loss, when the Dolphins lost to the Jets.

The AFC East has just one win between first and fourth place in the division, along with four of the current top eight seeds in the AFC Playoff Picture as it stands. With this division being extremely tight, games against these teams are going to mean so much. Tua has the chance to firmly cement his place as one of the best in the league and remove any final doubt over his talent in the pros.

Whilst it is always too early to be crowning an MVP with half the regular season still remaining, but there is no doubt that Tua is now showing not only that was worth the draft selection but that he is the franchise QB moving forward. He may already be the best quarterback the franchise has had in the past 20 seasons.

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