NFL fans have had to wait what has felt like an eternity for the regular season to start again in September. However, that doesn’t mean commitment levels drop, nor does the noise that surrounds each club in the division.

Amidst the absence of live games and the anticipation of the upcoming season, a unique breed of supporters emerges, maintaining an unwavering dedication throughout the off-season. From analyzing trades to tracking draft picks, and discussing potential lineup changes, these unrelenting supporters never cease to amaze with their knowledge and commitment to the game.

But have you ever wondered which teams have the most active fanbases during the off-season? New research from Betway has outlined which teams have the most supportive fans based on several key metrics.

Based on the analysis:

  • Supporters of the Buffalo Bills were ranked as the most supportive fans in the NFL, with a supporter score of 59.43 out of 100. 
  • Dallas Cowboys took the runners-up spot, while last year’s losing Super Bowl finalists, the Philadelphia Eagles, and eventual champions, the Kansas City Chiefs completed the top four.
  • Coming in 5th was high-achievers Miami Dolphins, who, having secured a first playoff finish since 2016, produced an offseason supporter score of 38.69. With a shot at securing a first playoff win since 2000, fans were clearly buoyed and in strong spirits ahead of the new season, posting no fewer than 310,323 times between February and September 2022. This contributed to the team’s official social media channels recording an impressive growth of 14.12%, placing the Dolphins behind only the Bills, Bengals, Chiefs, and Giants.

The following table ranks the NFL teams with the most active supporters based on three metrics, including the total no. of fan posts, Google searches, and online fanbase growth over the past 12 months:

Rank Team Total no. of fan posts during offseason Google searches during offseason Online fanbase growth % Support score
1 Buffalo Bills 329,647 1,500,000 44.63% 59.43
2 Dallas Cowboys 453,514 3,350,000 9.81% 59.01
3 Philadelphia Eagles 675,021 1,000,000 21.53% 58.11
4 Kansas City Chiefs 687,041 1,000,000 18.12% 56.25
5 Miami Dolphins 310,323 1,830,000 14.69% 38.69
6 Chicago Bears 387,441 1,830,000 6.40% 37.12
7 Detroit Lions 321,390 1,220,000 16.31% 34.51
8 Cincinnati Bengals 248,562 1,000,000 24.47% 34.04
9 New York Giants 457,917 550,000 11.95% 32.90
10 Green Bay Packers 418,701 1,500,000 2.63% 32.87

The data should come as no surprise given the Dolphins had a hugely successful regular season and made the playoffs for the first time since 2016. They achieved three consecutive winning seasons for the first time since the 2001-2003 seasons. The team started strong, boasting an 8-3 record by Week 12, their best start since the 2001 season.

However, the Dolphins faced a late-season collapse, losing five straight games. Despite this setback, they managed to win their final regular-season game against the New York Jets, securing another winning season and a playoff berth.

In the playoffs, the Dolphins aimed to secure their first playoff victory since 2000. They faced division rival Buffalo Bills in a closely contested game. Despite a late rally, the Dolphins ultimately fell short and lost to the Bills by a score of 34-31.