Now that we have all had time to digest after last night’s loss let me say it’s not the end of the world. The media and morning shows will say Miami is a fraud team and this and that. Do not listen, and do not engage. The talking heads will dump on this team today, and we have to take it on the chin, simple as that. The game last night was, for me, a disappointment. About an hour before the game, when the inactive list came out, I knew it would be a struggle.

There are two common threads in all of the Dolphins’ losses: all are on the road in hostile environments, and Eichenberg is in at center. I am sure Liam Eichenberg is a very good person and professional; I am sure he works very hard to improve every week.

That being said, he’s not a center. He can’t snap the ball. With Connor at center, I believe they scored 20-plus points in that game. I choose to take a different opinion about the offense than most people on how they performed tonight. I think the offense was off, but they were not bad. The Dolphins had plenty of opportunities to produce points on offense, and they failed, not because of the Eagles but because of untimely drops and penalties(LOL). Speaking of penalties, it was 10-0 in favor of the Eagles. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that before. That’s not why they lost, either.


The biggest Oh No moment in the game was when Tyreek Hill dropped a walk-in touchdown. At that point, the game changed. It was a good throw by Tua facing pressure; Hill just has to come up with it. That being said, it won’t happen again. Hill is the best receiver in the league and catches that ball 99.9% of the time. Simply put, it was not our night. That’s okay. It happens. It is really unfortunate it happened in prime time against the Eagles, as the talking head can now run away with the fraud narrative. I cannot write this without shouting out Fangio and the defense.

Chubb, Phillips, Sieler, Wilkins*(Many costly penalties), Kohuo, Long, Baker, Bethel even Nickerson more than held their own. Good on them; this performance was encouraging. I liked what I saw. The problems were not on defense that much, is for sure. Next week, Miami plays New England, then the week after is a must-win against the Chiefs to put this narrative to bed. The future of this football team is bright. They are not frauds. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.