“Oh no, this is happening again.” My exact thoughts were at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon on Sunday. Adam Thielen had just caught a beautiful ball from Bryce Young for six. I thought I was witnessing the Dolphins do what they do, giving us the greatest highs and lows of any football game.

I was ready to declare this just another year after believing this year was special. I am sure my feelings were emulated by many of my fellow Dolphins. We had been through countless times of disappointment and suffering for this team.

Thankfully, this Dolphins team is the real deal, and they are never out of any game. Tyreek Hill is the best receiver in the game, and Tua is playing like the best quarterback in the league. I couldn’t be more happy. The offensive line, even without Armstead, is good. Kendall Lamm is the unsung hero this season.

The running game didn’t take a step back. For the first quarter, it looked as though they missed Achane, but this offensive line is superb at run blocking.

Mostert is a top 5 running back in the league. Waddle will be getting opportunities. I am still waiting for his breakthrough game this year, but it doesn’t matter. Their offense is a wagon.

The defense, well….yikes. Thankfully, they cleaned it up in the game, making Bryce Young look like a seasoned vet. I need to know why Fangio is not dialing up more blitzes.

This team can rush the passer; I know the back end is banged up, but I want more blitzes. The Eagles offense is not nearly as good as in years past.

Jalen Hurts looks shaky; this is a prime opportunity for Miami to solidify itself as a premier team in the NFL. I cannot wait for this game, Dolphins fans; it will be fun!