The NFL has tried to clamp down on players getting involved in brawls on the pitch, but this has not stopped tempers from flaring in some of the most intense games when any player or club personnel fight before or during a game, significant fines are often handed out.

With this in mind, have decided to take a look at all of the fines to have occurred in the NFL from the past ten seasons to determine who are the most rowdy teams in the NFL, and the Miami Dolphins are in second place, with a total of $120,366 in fines for fighting! Jarvis Landry received the highest individual fine for the Dolphins back in 2017 with $48,620.

The following table ranks NFL teams based on the amount of fines they have had to pay for fighting over the past ten years:

Rank Team Number of Fights Total Fines
1 Oakland / Las Vegas Raiders 10 $168,796
2 Miami Dolphins 8 $120,366
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 21 $90,725
4 Buffalo Bills 5 $89,063
5 New York Giants 7 $83,281
6 Seattle Seahawks 8 $74,282
7 New York Jets 6 $73,704
8 New Orleans Saints 7 $71,183
9 Cincinnati Bengals 3 $65,318
10 Denver Broncos 3 $64,412
11 Carolina Panthers 6 $62,195
12 Atlanta Falcons 3 $52,566
13 New England Patriots 6 $50,682
14 Cleveland Browns 10 $48,757
15 Jacksonville Jaguars 4 $38,725
16 Kansas City Chiefs 4 $35,103
17 Tennessee Titans 3 $32,654
18 Indianapolis Colts 3 $27,904
19 Green Bay Packers 3 $26,975
20 Dallas Cowboys 3 $24,060
21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 $16,208

The Las Vegas Raiders, previously known as the Oakland Raiders, racked up the most fines from across the 10 previous seasons with a total of $168,796. Tommy Kelly, Matt Shaughnessy, Lamarr Houston and Desmond Bryant contributed most to the total, with all four receiving separate fines of $26,250 for a brawl with Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth.

The team that ranks 2nd for the highest fighting fine total is the Miami Dolphins, who accumulated a total of $120,366. Jarvis Landry received the highest individual fine for the Dolphins back in 2017 with $48,620.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills and New York Giants are in third, fourth and fifth place with total fines of $90,725, $89,063 and $83,281, respectively. A notable offender for this is defensive end Shaq Lawson, when he was fined $33,425 back in 2018.

When it comes to the most fights, the Pittsburgh Steelers had more than double the number of offenses compared to second place, as they have had 21 separate fines over the past 10 years. The Las Vegas Raiders and Cleveland Browns place second, with 10 fights each.