In the dynamic world of the Miami Dolphins, the running back scene is causing quite a ripple effect. Looking back at 2023, here is the big question: Will Miami add someone to their running back team?

Last season saw the Dolphins transform from one of the NFL’s least run-friendly teams to a powerhouse rushing offense. With a seasoned veteran and a rookie sensation leading the charge, Miami’s ground game became the talk of the town.

However, the offseason whispers suggest potential moves that could reshape the Dolphins’ running back scenario. The rumors of pursuing big names like Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry, and Josh Jacobs hint at an intriguing offseason for Miami.

2023 Recap

Despite entering the season with talks of acquiring star running backs, the Dolphins stuck to their guns and relied on the talents already in their stable. At 31, Raheem Mostert had his best season ever, breaking records for the Dolphins. And guess what? Rookie De’Von Achane lit up the field, becoming a key player in the team’s plans.

2023 marked a turnaround for Miami’s rushing game. Guess what happened when Coach Mike McDaniel said they would run more? It worked! The Dolphins ended up sixth in rushing yards and were the best in the whole NFL, averaging 5.1 yards every time they ran.

Closer Look at Running Back Squad

The current running back lineup showcases a mix of experience and potential. Mostert, coming off a career year, heads into the final year of his contract. Achane, the rising star, is heading into his second year after an amazing first season as a rookie.

The Dolphins also have Jeff Wilson Jr., Chris Brooks, and Salvon Ahmed on the team, each bringing their special skills and helping the squad.

Offseason Queries

Looking to 2024, big questions are popping up. Will Achane do more? Can the Dolphins resist adding another big name to their running backs? And, most importantly, can they find a strong player to balance out their speedy ones?

Potential Game-Changer

While the Dolphins may not have the luxury of a big-budget move, creative solutions could be on the horizon. Drafting a running back on Day 3 seems plausible, and names like Jawhar Jordan and Cody Schrader could offer intriguing options.

In the end, the Dolphins’ running back narrative for 2024 is poised on the edge of change. The choices made in the coming months will not only shape the team’s dynamics but also influence the unfolding drama of Miami’s football journey. As the offseason unfolds, the Dolphins stand at the crossroads, ready to make waves in the running back landscape.