Dan Graziano on ESPN NFL Live said the Dolphins plan on keeping Christian Wilkins, and they will franchises tag him if they have to. He says Miami doesn’t plan to let him leave, even with the salary cap trouble they are in. Wilkins ended the 2023 season with 9 sacks and 65 tackles. A career high for sacks and a career low for tackles in a single season.

If Wilkins does not get a long-term deal and is forced to play the season on the franchise tag, he most likely will not be a happy camper. Last season, Wilkins held a sit-in during Miami’s training camp. Where he showed up so he couldn’t be fined, but he didn’t participate in any drills. I am guessing this year may be the same where Wilkins would not show up for the OTAs and mini-camps and then hold another sit-in during training camp.

The goal for any player is having long-term financial stability, and if Miami and Wilkins cannot agree to terms on a multi-year extension, I would assume this offseason will play out like most of last year. It is in the Dolphins’ best interest to lock Wilkins up long term and have him on a lower salary cap number for the 2024 season so the team is able to improve the roster at other positions.