For a handful of the NFL’s Thursday night games, Nike provided some quite obnoxious alternate jerseys back in 2015. While some like this idea, saying that the different jerseys fit their team nicely, others had to skip work on the following Friday due to the migraines they got from the quite visually loud uniforms. But Dolphins fans didn’t get to enjoy (or detest) this idea because Miami sat it out and wore their regular jerseys on Thursday night last year.

It doesn’t look like we have a choice this year, though. From what has been leaked, all 32 teams this year will have a color rush jersey to wear. The image leaked points towards the Phins sporting an orange jersey during their game against the Cincinnati Bengals, who will be wearing a solid black outfit.

We have to remember that this is just a leak, a rumor, and more news will develop as the season draws closer. Alternate jerseys dont sound like too bad of an idea when you take a step back. Miami does have one of the largest fan bases and sales of this bright orange jersey will bring in a nice chunk of change for the Phins. Also, dont forget we have throwback jerseys lined up for this year.

What do you think about the color rush? Are you for it? Or are you ready to turn down the brightness on your TV, in hopes of saving your vision?