No more questions, Dion Jordan has been officially reinstated on a conditional basis on the first day of training camp.  He is allowed to participate in all practices and pre-season games according to the league letter.  However, he is required to meet with specialist (mental, rehab center) throughout his time back in the league.  Before the regular season begins, he will have another meeting with Roger Goodell to get full re-instatement if everything is going to protocol. 

It is interesting on many fronts but here is the one you want to keep in mind as we go forward:

The Miami Dolphins are on the hook for $1.7M coming Monday at 12:00AM.  Dion Jordan was drafted by a previous regime, and Gase and co have NO clue what they are getting.  Dion has ruffled many feathers during his tumulus tenor here in Miami.  So what are the Dolphins options?

1)  Dion Jordan is on the roster Monday morning and he becomes almost a lock to make the roster, based on the fact he is getting a bonus at that time.

2)  The Dolphins can cut him without major ramifications due to him violating policy.

3)  The Dolphins can trade him.  But does he have any real value?  A 7th rounder pick or conditional 7th rounder may get it done, but I doubt it will be a 2017 pick. 

This is an amazing time!  Camp has started, the team is getting ready for their first game against the Giants on August 12th.  The Dion Jordan drama has really just begun, what will the Dolphins do?  Your guess is as good as mine.