With the news of Peyton Manning possibly taking a front office job in Indianapolis to run the Colts football operations as well as Colts owner Jim Irsay trying to lure Jon Gruden out of retirement to be his next head coach, some big changes may be coming in Indianapolis either this year or next. So how does that have any effect on the Miami Dolphins you ask?

IF Peyton Manning gets control of the Colts and is running the football operations you know the first person he will want to work with will be Adam Gase. Manning and Gase have a very close relationship and Manning made multiple trips to Miami this offseason to “hang out” at the Dolphins facility and watch mini-camps and training camp practices. It’s a strong friendship and Gase even talked about it recently on Peter King’s podcast. If Manning is running an NFL team you know his first order of business will be to get an NFL head coach he trusts and without a doubt he will explore every possibility of getting Gase in Indy and don’t think for a minute Gase won’t also have interest in working with Peyton.

Now, Miami has Gase locked up for 4 more years so unless Indy would want to trade for Gase (and not saying Miami would give him up for any amount of draft picks)  nothing could happen immediately. But in the NFL 4 years goes by really fast and then Gase would be free to leave.

This is just something to keep in mind down the road IF Peyton Manning takes a job with the Colts front office and is running their football operations.