Joe Schad of the Palm Beast Post did a Facebook Live chat tonight and one of the topics talked about was where is the contract extension for Jarvis Landry. Joe reported that sources close to him tell him that Jarvis wants in the ballpark of $14 mill a season and he and his agent are working off the Antonio Brown contract. Essentially Landry wants to get paid a bit more than TY Hilton got paid a while back back where TY averages around $13 mill a season.

In my opinion that is a very rich and big asking price for Jarvis. I am not saying Miami will not pay it, but I am saying Miami probably won’t be in a rush to pay it. From the Dolphins standpoint they will most likely take a wait and see approach and not give Jarvis a contract extension now (that is me just guessing here folks, no sources and Joe didn’t report that.) Since they have Jarvis on the cheap this season for just around $1 million and can then franchise tag him if they want to in order to keep him one more season after that, Miami can roll the dice here on Jarvis. Now, they could end up losing him as Jarvis might out-play the $14 mill per season he is asking and end up getting more if/when he hits the open market. But if Jarvis has a “down year” (which nobody wants of course) then Miami could get Jarvis to come down off his price tag. It’s a gamble no doubt and Miami has lost gambles like this before; Olivier Vernon is a perfect example.

Landry may be the most loved and popular Dolphins player on the roster at this moment in time, but with his asking price his time in Miami may only be a couple more years. The Dolphins have to think long and hard before they make Landry one of the highest paid wide receivers in the NFL today.

Watch Joe’s entire Facebook Live chat at the RED link above at the top of the article.

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