It is that time of year again, Fantasy Football Season is upon us. As always will be holding a Fantasy Football league where you can play against myself, Tom, Randy and a couple other Staff Members. We will also have a great “Dolphins Prize” for the winner of the league just like last year. Here are some details and how to sign up

1) The League will be played on so make sure you are signed up to play ESPN fantasy sports and have an account with them (it’s free to sign up)

2) It is a 14 team league, we already have 4 or 5 spots reserved for “staff” so fans will take up the remaining 9 or 10 spots.

3) The Prize will a Dolphins related item (hat, autograph, t-shirt…etc). Only the first place winner gets the prize. (if a staff member wins they are not eligible to win the prize)

4) To sign up for the league email with your full name. twitter handle, and best days times you can show up for the online draft and what time-zone you sit in. (Ex: I can draft any Fri, Sat, or Sun night any time after 7pm eastern) Draft will most likely be held on a weekend so keep that in mind when sending me your entry and time.

5) Everyone who emails and applies to enter will not be able to get into the league as spots are extremely limited, I apologize in advance.

6) We want active Fantasy Football members, so don’t sign up if you are not going to see the entire season through or quit if things aren’t going your way. We have all had years where the team we draft we think is great and through injuries or just bad luck the team ends up stinking and you can’t win a game to save your life. If you start the year 0-4 or something like that do not quit and create a “dead team” in this league. If you do you will be banned from playing in all future games with us here at, blocked by us on twitter, and I will have Donald Trump tweet mean things about you and your family (well ok the first two I can promise the last one not so much.) Don’t be “that guy” and quit on the fantasy football league….fantasy football is fun, this league is fun,  so see the season through with us and remember we hold this league every year so don’t burn a bridge and quit, we can always have you back next year so you can redeem yourself.

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