There is a reason why you don’t pick too many road favorites in the NFL, it can come back to bite ya. Last week that’s what happened to me with my NFL picks. Some looked like sure fire locks ended up being total busts. But we will get up, dust ourselves off, and get back in the game to try and recoup some money.

LSU -20 over Troy
LSU is due for a breakout game and a big win. LSU came off a horrible loss to Mississippi and then struggled to beat a mediocre Syracuse team. LSU catches a break this week when they face a Troy team they have far superior talent across the board. And LSU is due to put a thumping on somebody. The offense gets fixed for a week and LSU wins big over Troy.

TENNESSEE +8 over Georgia
I am not in love with the Vols but getting 8 at home vs a young QB I do like. Last week Tennessee struggled to beat UMASS at home 17-13 but don’t let that score fool you. It was a classic sandwich game in-between games vs Florida and Georgia. The Vols will be up for this game and this is a Field Goal game either way. So take the points here.

Florida St -7 over WAKE FORREST
FSU is coming off a loss and starting a very young quarterback but at the end of the day this is still FSU and this is still Wake Forrest. And no way in hell does Wake Forrest beat FSU or keep it close. Betting the laundry on this one more than the actual teams and I think that is wise in this instance. Take FSU lay the touchdown.


DALLAS -6 over LA Rams
The Rams won week 1 and have been overrated since. They should have lost last week to a bad San Fran team and the Cowboys are still one of the Top 3 teams in the NFC. Dallas has had a rough first few weeks of the season and they come home to face a lesser team and should win easily.

Detroit +2 over MINNESOTA
Case Keenum played the game of his life last week and I would bet a large some of money (and will) that he cannot do it again this week. Take the points and the Lions here.

Jacksonville -3 over NY JETS
I hate hate hate laying points with the Jags but I think they keep the momentum going. Yes, the Jets won last week but they did little in that game that was impressive. Few passing yards, few rushing yards, and on defense Miami miscues more than the Jets making plays was the reason. The Jags just thumped the Ravens and I think they can beat a Jets team here. Don’t love this pick but gonna go for it here.

ATLANTA -8 over Buffalo
It’s a big number but I don’t trust Tyrod Taylor on the road against anyone especially the best team in the NFC and maybe the NFL. That’s all this comes down too in my book. I trust Ryan over Tyrod.’