There’s been talk all season about Miami’s defense and
offense. Talk about how the defense has been good and talk about the offense has
been mostly bad up until Matt Moore came in. But what about their special
teams? The special teams have been great.

When defending punt returns Miami only gives up 8.4 yards a
return which is puts them near the middle of the league. When it comes to
defending on kickoff returns Miami is one of only 7 teams to hold teams to less
than 20 yards gained per kickoff return. Going in more depth on that stat, they
allow only 17.5 yards per kickoff return and that’s good for second best among
those 7 teams with them only trailing behind Cleveland who gives up only 12.2
yards per kickoff return.
When it comes to field goals and defending them, Cody Parkey
has not yet missed a field goal going 8/8 and opposing kickers are 7/12 on
field goals. Kickers have only been worse against the Jets this season as they
have gone 5/10. As far as punting, rookie Matt Hack has put 11 of his 33 punts
inside the 20 and only 14 of those punts have been returned so that means
Michael Thomas and co. have done well to get down the field and get to the
The only downside to the special teams would when Miami is
returning the ball on punts but that could be due to the fact most of the time
the opposition is punting the ball near the 50. The defense does well to force
them, but they do not often come back in opposition territory.
Special teams coach Darren Rizzi has done well to prepare
them on the field and Michael Thomas has done well to lead them as he is the
captain on special teams.

Special teams is never something you want to worry about and
this unit has done well with their job and not cause any extra problems for the