On today’s show we talk about how the Jarvis Landry situation with the Miami Dolphins continues to get worse by the day. New reports out that Landry is telling friends and associates that he doesn’t see himself signing a long-term deal in Miami. How Landry’s inner-circle has come to terms with the fact he will be playing elsewhere in Miami. Plus we talk about what really set Landry off and why this situation has gotten progressively worse over the last week. We also talk about why the Transition Tag isn’t in play for the Dolphins to use on Landry. We also get into the Baltimore Sun report of the Ravens and Dolphins were discussing a Landry trade during the season and why it went bad. Plus, we at DolphinsTalk.com got a little scoop from a source off the record at what position the Miami Dolphins will NOT use the #11 draft pick on in this April’s draft.
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